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Parrot tulips, varieties and types

Parrot tulips, varieties and types

Parrot tulips are named after brightly colored birds from warm regions for a reason. These plants are also distinguished by their catchy colors and are also brought to us from hot places. But thanks to the phenomenal work of breeders, today anyone can start growing parrot tulips, even in relatively cold climates. Large plants will delight you with their interesting shape and uncompromising visual properties, you just have to pay a little attention to the plants. Next, we will tell you how to properly care for parrot tulips. With us, your gardening endeavors will become much easier, so read carefully. So let's get started.

Description of Parrot Tulips

First of all, it is necessary to briefly discuss the characteristic features of the flower. It is always useful to know what tulips prefer in nature, because it is much easier to fulfill the natural requirements in your own garden. This is a fairly large plant, since the length of the glass is measured at about 12 centimeters. And this is only when closed. The diameter of a loose bud is at least 20 centimeters. The dimensions are complemented by curved petals that look three-dimensional and in fact resemble the wings of exotic birds. The shades of the plant vary, depending on which variety you are growing. Most often, the following varieties of tulips are cultivated on the plots:

Parrot Tulip Photo

• Blue parrot. Connoisseurs of English have already understood what shades we are talking about. A unique azure color coexists with purple blotches, such a noble combination looks good in any floral arrangement;

• White parrot is most often painted in an exclusively white tone, only occasionally there are plant specimens with a slight green tint;

• Black parrot is considered a leader in terms of sophistication and unusualness, because the color of the petals of this plant is as close as possible to a strict black shade. But, in fact, with a close look, it becomes clear that the buds are painted by nature in a dark lilac shade;

• Red parrot is famous for its red petals;

Also, special attention should be paid to multi-colored parrot tulips, which combine the most bizarre shades:

• Estella Rejinveld is painted in a red and white mixture. Impersonation of the expression "blood and milk";

• Texas Flame really resembles a flame, including yellow and red petals;

• Bird of Paradise. The red buds are framed with yellow stripes that add elegance to the plant;

Regardless of the variety you choose, you have to grow an absolutely undemanding plant. Tulips can exist apart from their owners. Nevertheless, we recommend that you still pay sufficient attention to young flowers. The following are the features of flower care.

How to care for a flower? We understand the details.

First of all, you just need to purchase quality bulbs. It is better to trust only reliable sellers from large garden centers, the size of each specimen should be about 5 centimeters in diameter. Otherwise, there are no parrot flowers in front of you. But the chores don't end with the choice of bulbs. We'll have to find a suitable place, because the rate and efficiency of tulip development directly depend on the soil. Either partial shade or sunny area, no compromises. The plant is planted in a place protected from the wind, because an unexpected gust can break at first fragile stems. Also, the presence of humus in the soil will not be superfluous. Flowers are planted in groups of 5 copies, the plant should be instilled to a depth of 10-15 centimeters. Maintain a distance of 20 centimeters between flowers, there is enough space for the full development of the tulip.

It is noteworthy that after proper planting, tulips fully adapt to the specific conditions of your site. The flowers will have enough moisture that they receive with the rain, so you just have to enjoy the beauty of the plants and feed the flowers with mineral compounds after the leaves appear. Do not skimp on the purchase of quality formulations, because only first-class compounds can support the beauty of tulips. Withered plant fragments should be cut to maintain the fresh appearance of the flowers.

So, now you know what parrot tulips are and how to grow such beautiful plants. Nevertheless, if there is no time for self-cultivation of ward flowers, you can do it easier and please your soulmate with ready-made tulip bouquets. Our assortment includes only the best bouquets of parrot tulips of all varieties and for every taste. Choose flowers and other gifts, and we will take care of the rest. See you soon!


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