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Cymbidium grade magic vogel

Cymbidium grade magic vogel

Among the evergreen epiphytic plants of the orchid family, the cymbidium orchid stands out, which grows in tropical and subtropical Asia and Northern Australia.

In China, this plant began to be cultivated 2000 years ago. It was highly praised by Confucius and named the king of fragrances. Today cymbidium is cultivated in China, Japan and Europe. There are more than 8000 species and varietal forms of cymbidiums.

The first hybrid was created by the famous English gardener John Seden. The plant was recognized as an orchid with outstanding quality flowers and received the highest award - the First Class Certificate.

The variety "Cymbidium magic vogel" is noticeably distinguished by its originality and is especially popular. This hybrid is obtained from Cymbidium Tethys x Cymbidium Vogelsang and was registered in November 1994.

It is characterized by the presence of a spectacular spotted lip and burgundy spots on the entire surface of the petals, painted in creamy greenish or pinkish tones with a pale burgundy haze around the edges. It is also called spotted cymbidium.

Description cymbidium magic vogel

“Cymbidium magic vogel” refers to miniature indoor plants. Its drooping variegated inflorescences look very elegant. The flowers are of an average size - they do not exceed 6 cm. Up to five or more of them appear on one peduncle. The smell is subtle, more pronounced in the morning. Flowering is profuse and long lasting.

It is grown in greenhouses or simply in flower pots on windowsills. In their natural environment, cymbidiums grow up to one and a half meters. "Magic vogel" has much smaller dimensions - from 40 to 80 cm, in some cases up to one meter.

It is desirable that the temperature in the room is not high, and at night it does not exceed 14 degrees and even drops below. For good development and abundant flowering of "Cymbidium magic vogel" the room should be cool, and from May to October it is advisable to put it on the balcony. Of course, this is done only if it is cooler on the balcony than in the apartment, and direct sunlight does not get there.

If there is no opportunity to create comfortable cool conditions, you should not despair. "Cymbidium magic vogel", being a miniature hybrid, is unpretentious, adaptable and excellent for growing in an apartment.

Photo cymbidium magic vogel

And yet, in order for the flowering process to be active, and the formation of buds to occur faster, it is better to maintain a low temperature and humidity, spray the plant with rain or artesian water (except for the winter months).

During the growing season, from spring to autumn, the cymbidium needs abundant watering, it must be carried out 2-3 times a week. In winter, water once a week when the substrate dries up. Filtered or settled water at room temperature is preferred. Rinsing the plant is useful, lowering the pot in a bowl of water for a while.

After flowering, the orchid should take a break from watering. When the flowers fall off, the stems are cut as low as possible, but so as not to damage the tubers. The previous watering is resumed after the appearance of new shoots.

Peduncles grow from pseudobulbs. They never bloom a second time from the same bulb! Flowers appear only on those peduncles that have grown from new bulbs this season. The old bulbs are gradually dying off, but they still continue to support the plant with their nutrients, so they cannot be removed immediately.

Plants should be transplanted if it has grown a lot, the roots do not fit in the pot, and the substrate is compressed and decomposed. This is usually done every 3 years in the spring, after flowering.

It is necessary to select a pot with drainage holes, such that there is room for root growth.

Small expanded clay is poured at the bottom, and a special soil mixture consisting of tree bark, fern roots, perlite, and clay is poured on top. The substrate should be light and loose.

All old and dry stems, diseased leaves, old bulbs are removed, the roots are cleaned of dead and diseased parts. The plant is then spread out and placed so that new shoots appear closer to the center.

The seedling is removed to a shaded resting place and only then is it put on a permanent place.

Reproduction of the cymbidium “Magic vogel” is possible only by dividing the root or revitalizing old pseudobulbs. 3 young pseudobulbs with their own roots and growth points (one is enough) are separated from the mother bush, placed in separate pots and watered moderately until growth is noticeable.

To revive the old pseudobulbs, they are separated and placed in plastic bags filled with moist moss and sprayed. They are planted in a permanent place after the appearance of new roots.

Seed propagation is carried out only in sterile laboratory conditions!

“Cymbidium magic vogel” is a strong hybrid. But occasionally it can be affected by the thyroid gland and aphids, in this case insecticides are used. To get rid of the spider mite, wipe the leaves with beer, and wipe the bugs with alcohol.

To prevent rot, the temperature regime and watering rules must be observed. Sore parts, rotten and swollen leaves must be removed. From spring to the beginning of flowering, the cymbidium must be fertilized.

All activities related to the care of this variety are fully justified. "Cymbidium magic vogel" fits perfectly into the most sophisticated and modern design and is a worthy decoration of any room.


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