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Wedding floristry, or what flowers are best for a wedding celebration

Wedding floristry, or what flowers are best for a wedding celebration

That this day should be perfect is out of the question. And if you have already decided on a dress, suit, bridal bouquet, it's time to think about how to decorate a wedding with flowers. The era of plastic props has sunk into nebutta, and it is now customary to decorate textile decor with real, fragrant and lively compositions. The concept is great, but what kind of plants should you use? Let's speculate!

The best solution for the hall

The first thing to consider is that from the decoration to the departure of the last guest, the petal should not fall from the bud. This means that your landmark is resistant plants and varieties, which include freesias, roses, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums and eustomas.

Ornamental greenery should not be neglected - almost all of it is perfect for decorating a hall for a wedding with flowers. For example, the top addition is a bamboo branch, which may well be duplicated in the bride's bouquet. Originality and consistency with the overall decor of the event are guaranteed! Even cooler - sprouted lawn in mini vases or oats.

Decorating the newlyweds' table: the best flowers for a wedding

The most real find, actively used in the decoration of the newlyweds' table, is moss. Bright, multi-colored or green - it looks incredibly aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, unusual. And with the help of a combination of different colors, you can write the names of the newlyweds on the moss wall.

Next are the seasonal variations. For example, in summer and spring, it can be peonies - depending on the variety, they look great both in mixed and in mono compositions. In winter - branches of needles, thuja and bunches of berries: mountain ash, elderberry or sea buckthorn, and even a pumpkin! There are no rules, canons and restrictions, the only "edge" is not to overdo it and not make a mini-parody of the botanical garden out of the table.

An absolute taboo, or what flowers to decorate a wedding is better not to use

Firstly, these are plants with a strong and obtrusive smell - some of the guests may feel uncomfortable from them. The way out is in the rule of sufficiency, that is, three bouquets of lilies are bad, but five compositions, which include one or two flowers, are excellent.

Next up are the carnations. And although the role of this plant is imposed, it is still not worth arousing unnecessary associations.

The basic rule of all that is written above is that flowers for the hall at the wedding should be liked, first of all, by you! That is, if you are an ardent fan of cacti, then you should not give preference to roses or gladioli. As well as vases - outdated and clearly not the best possible option for decorating compositions. From plates to birdcages to simulated candlesticks and glasses, turn on your imagination and enjoy!

Author: Julia Ogilko

instagram - malisa_eighty_eight


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