How to preserve the appearance of a bouquet of flowers as long as possible

How to preserve the appearance of a bouquet of flowers as long as possible

The appearance of living plants in our home is always a special event. It doesn't matter if they gave us flowers for a holiday, or we decided to pamper ourselves, or we wanted to decorate the house for a special day. In any case, we would like to
beautiful creatures delighted us as long as possible, and for this we are ready to do anything!

The Viaflor team would like to share some little floristic secrets with you. Firstly, freshly cut flowers are quite capable of retaining a presentable appearance for 10-14 days, subject to simple rules. Secondly, this will require a clean vase of water, sharp tools (a knife or pruning shears for wood stems) and care products for cut plants (they disinfect the water and nourish the flower with everything it needs).

So, the rose is the most popular flower in the world, and it needs special care. She, unlike other plants, drinks with the whole stem, so it is advisable for her to pick up a vase of such a height that as much of the stem as possible is hidden under water.
Water can be poured into a vase either from the tap or settled. It, when using dressings, does not really matter. In summer, you can draw cold water, in winter - warmer. It must be changed at least once every 2 days, washing the stems under the tap.
If no special care products are used, then you can disinfect the water with an aspirin tablet, charcoal, a few grams of citric acid, or a silver product (spoon, coin). Also, for roses, you can add sugar (for 1 liter - about 15 g) to replenish the supply of carbohydrates.
It is necessary to remove the leaves that will be under water in the vase, because they contribute to its flowering, which does not in the best way affect the life of the plant. Also, in the stem of the flower, water flows through the capillaries. On the way, a large amount leaves the leaves, and sometimes very little gets to the inflorescence. When cutting the leaves, all the water goes to the bud. It is better not to remove the thorns, as this will injure the stem.
Next, cut the flower with a knife. The cut must be done at an angle of 45 degrees, if possible under running water, in order to avoid an airlock (the air that draws in the flower immediately after cutting, preventing it from drinking water in the right amount). Having pruned the plant, we put it in the water as soon as possible.
All these recommendations are suitable for the rest of the colors, taking into account some nuances. For example, tulips, alstroemerias and all bulbous plants need little water as they tend to rot the stem. And for tree flowers (lilac, hydrangea), it is advisable to remove most of the leaves, because it is quite difficult for them to drink water.

We hope you find our tips useful and your flowers will delight you much longer!



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