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Rosa White Ohara

Rose White O'Hara: characteristics and description of the variety

Peony rose White Ohara is the true embodiment of romance, fragility and purity. The harmonious combination of delicate, transparent petals and an exquisite aroma with sweet, tart notes make this culture a worthy flower gift. Warm family congratulations or a romantic date and declaration of love, White Ohara white flowers are a great option for any occasion. Quite large buds, towering on slender legs, look impeccable in bouquets, decorate the best moments of our life, give sunny warmth and beauty. After cutting, the plant does not lose its original freshness for 12-14 days.

Brief characteristics of the White O'Hara rose

The bush is round, 120 cm, in some cases up to 150 cm in height. Its diameter is 50-60 cm. One flower is formed on one peduncle. The leaves are glossy, saturated green. There are not many thorns.

The buds are tall, conical, up to 10-11 cm in diameter. They bloom slowly. Each bud has 50-55 petals. The central petals are tightly pressed against each other. The outer ones are bent so that a "corner" is formed.

The flowering is undulating, with small interruptions. Lasts from June to August. Outwardly, the White Ohara rose resembles a snow-white marshmallow. The color of the petals at the base of the bud is more saturated with a smooth transition to a lighter shade at the edge of the petals.

The aroma is strong, intense, with sweet and tart notes.

Perennial White O'Hara has medium resistance to major diseases and pests. Wet, rainy weather affects flowering negatively. Frost resistance up to - 18 -23 º С.

The White Ohara rose variety prefers a warm climate, is grown mainly in Ecuador and Colombia, in regions with severe winters, cultivation of this variety is possible only in greenhouses, when favorable climatic conditions are created.

Photo of White O'Hara rose


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