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Rose Utopia

Rose Utopia

Roses are a great choice for decorating a garden or transforming the interior of your own home. Among the abundance of varieties of this plant, the variety of the Utopia rose deserves special attention. A beautiful name, deservedly assigned to a beautiful and sophisticated plant. One of the key features of utopia is the almost complete absence of fragrance. Thus, even allergy sufferers who simply want to enjoy the excellent external properties of the plant will be able to grow the plant. To maintain the latter, it is necessary to learn more about the requirements of the flower and the specifics of caring for the rose. We will discuss all this below. So let's get started.

A little about the flower - description of the Utopia rose

First of all, the description of the plant should be affected. The Canadian flower, bred in local greenhouses, is considered quite young, since the first hybrids were produced only in 2009. Nevertheless, for such a short period of its existence, the Utopia rose has already become widespread, including in our latitudes. The goblet plant looks especially good in a multi-flowered arrangement, but the rose is also beautiful in individual form. Mainly due to its own delicate shades. A bright peach tone can coexist with a burgundy-pink edging of leaves, sometimes even orange representatives of the variety are found. The dimensions of the plant help to perfectly fit the rose even into a small room, because the diameter of the bud is only 12 centimeters, which, taking into account 50 petals, is quite a bit. If you prefer roses in the garden, rather than in pots, then it will be useful for you to know that the plant's bush reaches 130 centimeters in height, so, if necessary, you can safely cut a few flowers. The composition will not suffer from this.

Planting a rose Utopia

With a sufficient description of the utopia rose, we move on to issues of direct cultivation. It all starts with planting a flower. In our latitudes, the optimal climatic conditions for planting are formed in spring and autumn. Additionally, let's dwell on the autumn season. Many gardeners prefer to plant a rose during this period, since the coming snow will cover the flowers and protect them from hypothermia. It is recommended to choose a well-lit area, sheltered from the wind and with sufficient soil. If your soil cannot boast a naturally high percentage of nutrients, the soil will need to be prepared. Spice up the soil with humus and make sure there are no pests in the soil. A gardener's basic tools will only make the planting process easier. It is important to slightly modify the bush so that the number of shoots fully corresponds to the number of roots. Do not be afraid to wield pruning shears, this is necessary for the correct and even development of the future garden beauty. We shorten the remaining shoots to 11 centimeters so that there are about 3 dormant buds on each process.

We dig a hole 45 centimeters deep. A mixture of potash fertilizers, cow dung and superphosphate should be poured into the bottom. Remember to compact the soil as the hole fills to make sure to fill up the remaining empty space and ensure that the roots are completely submerged. If the planting is done correctly, the next day the soil will be compacted, and the bush should be slightly below the general ground level, literally 3-4 centimeters. To achieve the required height, you can raise the rose and add a little earth, or vice versa, lower the bush below. Watch for bud formation, when you notice the first shoots, try to remove the soil from the shoots as much as possible so that the plant develops productively without extraneous interference.

Taking care of the flower

After reading the previous section, you might think that the Utopia rose is a pretentious and highly moody plant. Not at all, the few troubles at the planting stage are completely compensated for by a fairly simple care, because the plant really does not need much:

Fertilizers. Let's start with them, since dressing plays an important role in the maintenance of the rose. The first two fertilizers of 15 grams of nitrate, 10 grams of urea and 10 liters of water are applied during the period of active growth of the flower. To maintain young buds, it is necessary to add a mixture of 25 grams of nitrate, 45 grams of potassium per 10 liters of water. Observe the dosage carefully, the overweight of one of the ingredients will certainly harm the plant;

Watering should be regular. The lack of moisture will give a signal to the plant to start dropping leaves and reduce the size of the buds, because the rose will think that a summer drought has come. To maintain year-round beauty, we advise you to water the plant once every 10 days, this schedule is sufficient in our climatic conditions. It is not necessary to partake, because moisture stagnation can lead to the appearance of a fungus that will destroy the root system and destroy all plantations of roses;

Cropping. To evenly distribute the growth rate of the flower, roses must be pruned. They do this in the spring, when the plant is gaining strength after a recent wintering. In the first year of life, it is better to cut off 3 buds, and then, as they grow older, cut off 6 future buds. So you hold back the development of the bush, do not let it wither under the load of your own flowers. Sometimes decorative autumn pruning is carried out in order to remove the weak areas of the bush. If it was a dry summer and some shoots died, remove them so that the rose does not waste energy in the winter on maintaining useless shoots;

Plant wintering. How to prepare a flower for cold weather?
The attentive reader will remember that this variety was bred in Canada. Local breeders focused on their own climate, so they achieved phenomenal winter hardiness in the Utopia rose. The plant does not require third-party support, the precipitation is enough to form a reliable carpet that will protect the earth from frost. Nevertheless, if forecasters promise a snowless winter, you should immediately cover the roses with spruce branches or non-woven fabric. We cover the soil near the flower with peat and relax, because your plantings are ready for frost.

So, now you know everything there is to know when growing a rose of the Utopia variety. You can buy bouquets of roses for a gift in our Viaflor store, we have only the best varieties. Thanks for attention. Good luck!

Author: Roman Oleksiienko


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