Rose grade Rubicon "Rubicon"

Rose grade Rubicon "Rubicon"

In the middle of the twentieth century, a new group of roses was born called spray. They are also called patio roses. These are compact bushes that can reach one meter in height, but, as a rule, their average height reaches fifty centimeters. A remarkable feature of these roses is that they have a huge number of buds, which is probably why they are also called pink splashes.

This group also includes the "Rubicon" border rose. Very beautiful, long-lasting and luxuriantly blooming. It is very reminiscent of a hybrid tea rose, as if it were a miniature copy of it. Burgundy-red petals have a double base and are collected in beautiful goblet-shaped buds, reaching 5-7 centimeters. There can be up to 20 of them! The rose blooms magnificently and for a very long time, the buds open alternately, until the deepest autumn! Luxurious bushes picturesquely outline sidewalks, squares, flower beds.

But they are grown not only for framing and creating very popular curb paths. Roses "Rubicon" are ideally combined with other flowers. They can be grown both in urban areas and in small areas, they feel great as indoor plants in flower pots.

Roses of this variety enliven areas of a large number of shrubs and trees. They look safe next to spruces, thujas and magnolias. Look great in combinations with border roses of other colors.

Description of the Rubicon rose

Roses "Rubicon" are also used to create flower arrangements and bouquets. Actually, they were brought out specifically for cutting. These are very festive flowers. They are suitable for decorating weddings, anniversaries, they are even used for drawing up extravagant bridal bouquets.

The advantage of flowers is that they stand well in bouquets, they tolerate transportation well, and remain fresh and elegant for a long time. Large brushes delight with their beauty and impeccability, cheer up, inspire a desire to live and enjoy life. A fine additional touch is a subtle, sophisticated scent that is dizzy, soothing, and enchanting at the same time.

Rose "Rubicon" is a strong variety that is distinguished by its hardiness, unpretentiousness to weather conditions, winter hardiness, health, is not afraid of dew and is immune to spotting. All these qualities make the process of growing a plant easy and enjoyable.

The health and beauty of roses largely depends on the soil on which they will be grown. It should not be swampy and too sour. It is recommended to prepare it in advance: for spring planting from autumn, and for autumn planting - from spring itself. It is necessary to dig it up well, loosen it, add fertilizer or ash if necessary.

Often the soil is prepared just before planting. But it must be borne in mind that in this case, the seedlings take root and take root much worse, and flowering is more modest.

It is useful to know that in partial shade the rose will feel better, its lovely velvety petals will not fade. But planting it where other roses, quince and pears previously grew is unacceptable.

Photo of Rubicon rose

A rose of this variety can be propagated by cuttings, dividing the bush and rooting. Good growers achieve results with seed propagation. But this is a more painstaking and less reliable way. Cutting is recognized as the best method.

Landing holes are dug to a depth and width of up to 45 centimeters. Small gravel or expanded clay, organic fertilizers in the form of humus or compost, and earth are placed at the bottom. Then the bushes are planted, after having straightened the roots. Pour warm, settled water into small depressions around the root. It is advisable to mulch the soil.

Watering should be done weekly, especially during the flowering period. Plants and fertilizing are required. Nitrogen fertilizers are applied in the spring, and phosphorus and potash fertilizers in the summer.

“Rubicon” refers to varieties that constantly require a pruning procedure. In the spring, sanitary pruning is carried out, and in the fall, formative pruning. It is also necessary to constantly remove faded buds. All this is done to maintain the decorative effect of the bushes and maintain their strength and health, preventing the appearance of diseases. The plant should spend energy on flowering, and not on the appearance and ripening of fruits. In addition, this is how the rejuvenation and formation of the bush is carried out.

This rose is very bushy, so in the fall it is necessary to cut it by more than half, leaving a stem up to 15-20 cm high above the surface. For the winter, the roots should be piled high, and it is advisable to cover the whole plant with spruce branches or burlap. In the spring, one must not miss the moment in order to open the plant in time, not allowing it to suffocate and rot.

Rose "Rubicon" is a very refined and noble variety. It requires a minimum of care and attention, while completely giving itself up, covering the shrub with magnificent red flowers, exuding a delicate aroma, decorating streets, parks, gardens and squares. It decorates our life, makes it brighter and brighter.

All rose lovers should pay attention to the graceful and unpretentious beauty and boldly use it for decorating a garden, decorating flower beds, paths, filling containers and flowerpots.


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