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Rose Red Gold

Rose Red Gold (Red Gold) description and characteristics of the variety

Rose Red Gold - "red gold" with a shade of coral flowers and a golden core, was originally introduced to the floristic world by English breeders in the ely 70s of the 20th century. Subsequently, the high decorative qualities and winter hardiness of the Red Gold hybrid tea rose made it a favorite in many countries. The variety is unpretentious in care, it is used both for cutting and for growing in garden plots.

Brief description and characteristics of the variety

The bush is small. It reaches a height of 90-110 cm. The shoots are quite powerful, with thorns. The leaves are small, dark green in color, with a glossy surface.

The beautiful Red Gold has flowers with double petals. The shape of the rose bud is classic. The diameter of the bud is 8 cm. Basically, 1 bud is formed on one stem, less often 2-3.

The color is contrasting, from scarlet to coral, in the middle of the petals, smoothly turning into a golden hue. Flowers are not susceptible to fading under the influence of sunlight.

The aroma of Red Gold is mild, with a pleasant melissa shade.

Flowering period. The first wave of abundant flowering begins in June, then a break comes and again the rose blooms in August-September.

Winter hardiness. The plant is not afraid of frosts up to -23C

Resistance to diseases and pests is average. Under adverse weather conditions, the bush can be affected by powdery mildew and black spot. Also, this variety is not very resistant to rainy weather.

Floribunda Rose Red Gold cultivation and care

Red Gold, like all roses, of course requires attention, but if certain conditions are met, it can become a worthy decoration of the most exquisite flower garden.

For planting a seedling, you should choose a place with fertile soil, without stagnant moisture. Red Gold is photophilous; in shady places, the quality of flowering deteriorates significantly. The plant needs timely watering, feeding and, if necessary, treatment from diseases and pests. Observing these simple rules, you will definitely achieve the desired result.

Rose Red Gold is a chic hybrid tea variety, suitable for growing at home. This variety is great for different garden styles: classic, modern, country-style combination of flowers. In any of these styles, the Red Gold rose is harmoniously combined with “blooming neighbors”, looks very harmonious and finds worthy use in the most sophisticated corners of your favorite garden.

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