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Rose of Osiria

Rose of Osiria

The painstaking work of breeders allows us to admire more and more new masterpieces. In 1978, an unusually beautiful two-tone beauty Osiria was born in Germany, named after the country of the same name, which sank in ancient times in the Atlantic waters. Osiria is very beautiful at all flowering stages. Its petals are velvety on the inside and silvery-white on the outside, captivating with exquisite beauty and lasting aroma. Flowers of this variety do not fade under the influence of sunlight, are not afraid of rain, and are well preserved after cutting.

The main characteristics of the variety.

Osiria belongs to the "Queen of Flowers" hybrid tea varieties.

The bush is powerful enough, erect. Its height is 80-100 cm.

Up to 80 cm in diameter. Shoots are strong, some of them have slight curvatures.

The flowering of the Osiria rose variety is so abundant that the shoots can droop under the weight of the buds. The foliage is green, matte.

Bud up to 12 cm in diameter. Consists of a large number of double-colored double petals. The shape of the bud changes depending on the stage of flowering: at the beginning of dissolution, its shape is goblet, gradually transforming into an open, cupped shape.

Bloom. This variety blooms with the onset of summer and pleases with abundant, long flowering until the autumn cold. Flowers are formed on single buds.

The aroma is strong enough, stable. The aroma of the plant is most noticeable in the evening hours and in calm weather.

Disease and pest resistance. The variety is very rarely affected by insect pests. Medium resistance to black spot and powdery mildew.

Resistant to rain. Rainy weather does not affect the appearance of the plant.

High frost resistance.

How to care for the Osiria rose variety.

Like the main majority of varietal roses, Osiria prefers:

1. Adequate amount of sunlight, without exposure to direct sunlight during hot midday.

2. A place protected from drafts and gusty winds.

3. Soil with slightly acidic reaction.

4. Regular watering. The variety is very sensitive. Rose does not like either drying out of the soil or excess moisture.

5. Top dressing, both organic and mineral.

6. Sanitary cuttings.

The abundance of flowering, unusually beautiful two-tone color and intense aroma have made the two-tone beauty a favorite of amateur gardeners in many countries of the world.

The Osiria rose variety is used to decorate garden plots, planted in flower beds, combined with other flowering perennials in the design of flower alleys.

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