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Rose New fashion: description and characteristics of the variety

Rose New fashion: description and characteristics of the variety

The bicolor New Fashion rosebuds are difficult to confuse with other varieties. One has only to see this elegant beauty once, and it is no longer possible to forget her. As if the brush of a talented artist touched the petals of these beautiful plants. Two-colored petals produce a fascinating effect: they are red on the inside and cream-colored on the outside. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance and good endurance, New fashion has become a favorite of both florists and landscape designers.

How did the New fashion variety come about?

Rose New Fashion belongs to the hybrid tea group. The variety was first introduced to the world in 2000 by French breeders. Despite its youth, New fashion takes part in international flower competitions, and its collection has high awards. Initially, New Fashion was bred as a cut variety. Due to its decorative qualities and endurance, the rose has gained popularity among landscape designers and amateur gardeners.

Brief characteristics of New fashion rose

The bush is high, 100-110 cm. The diameter is 50-60 cm. The stems are strong, erect. There are not many thorns. The leaves are green, glossy

The bud is very dense. Goblet shape. Diameter 9-10cm. Number of petals up to 40 pcs. The highlight of the variety is its two-tone color: the inner side of the curved petals is painted in a rich red color, and the outer side is lighter, cream

Flowering is continuous. New fashion is one of the first to bloom in early summer, blooms profusely all summer and autumn, and even leaves with buds in winter. New fashion bloom is lush, neat bush is abundantly strewn with buds throughout the entire flowering

Aroma - subtle

Frost resistance: USDA sixth zone

Disease and pest resistance is good. Also, the variety is resistant to rain.

Features of agricultural technology rose New fashion

The plant prefers warm, sunny areas, protected from drafts and gusty winds, at midday, light partial shade. Well-drained, neutral or slightly acidic soil works best. Timely watering and periodic feeding will allow your pet to show itself in full strength and bloom abundantly. Periodically, it is worthwhile to carry out treatments against diseases and pests. In regions with harsh winters, the plant needs shelter. By following the recommendations, you will get an excellent result. Your two-color rose will surely bring a lot of positive emotions, decorate the most beloved corners of the garden, and give you a great mood.

Photo of New Fashion Rose


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