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Rose El Toro (El Toro): characteristics and description of the variety

Rose El Toro (El Toro): characteristics and description of the variety

The fiery red rose El Toro with the original shape of the petals was bred in 2003 in Holland. Abundantly blooming El Toro is associated with bullfighting, and translated from Spanish means "calf", "bull". Also, her quivering petals resemble the fluffy skirts of Spanish girls dancing flamenco.

The bush is compact, up to 80 cm high. The shoots are powerful, erect, there are practically no thorns. One stem contains one flower. The leaves of the El Toro rose are medium-sized, carved, dark green in color, sometimes acquiring a reddish tint.

The bud is large, up to 10-12 cm in diameter. Corrugated petals, their number ranges from 30-40 pcs. The shade of the petals can vary at different stages of flowering, from bright orange to deep deep red.

The El Toro rose blooms profusely and is also long-lasting. Hue can vary throughout the flowering season. Depending on the flowering stage and weather conditions, very effective color transitions are created. From exposure to direct sunlight, rose petals can fade, sometimes a dark red dusting appears on the flower.

The aroma is weak.

Frost resistance up to 23 ℃.

Resistance to pests and diseases. Medium resistance to black spot and powdery mildew.

Average rain resistance.

El Toro, the play of colors of the "fiery" rose

Rose El Toro is a favorite of florists and amateur gardeners. This variety is ideal for decorating a garden plot, decorates the most beloved corners of the garden, becomes a favorite and a favorite of an exquisite flower garden. Rosa El Toro prefers sunny, well-lit places, shaded with openwork penumbra in hot midday hours and does not like drafts and cold, gusty winds. The optimal time for planting a plant in the ground is spring - April, early May, or autumn - September, October. Caring for the El Toro rose does not differ from other varieties, the plant needs timely watering, top dressing, loosening the soil, prevention and control of diseases and pests.

The variety is ideal for cutting. Not harsh aroma, strong, long stem, absence of thorns and attractive corrugated petals enable El Toro rose to compete with the most famous representatives of the “queen of flowers”. After cutting, the El Toro rose does not lose its original freshness for 14 days, delighting its owners with an exquisite, spectacular beauty.

Rose El Toro photo


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