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Rose Avalanche

Rose Avalanche

A sophisticated and romantic hybrid tea rose Avalange of a white-pearl shade stands out from the family of white roses with excellent decorative qualities.

The variety was first introduced to the world in 2004 by breeders from the Netherlands. Avalanche is translated as "avalanche", which fully corresponds to the name: the flowering at Avalange is so abundant that it resembles a huge avalanche on top of snow-capped mountains.

Avalanche: description and characteristics of the variety

The bush is low 80-90 cm, its diameter is 50 cm. The shoots are erect, tough, do not bend during the period of active flowering. The number of spines is average.

The size of the bud is 8-10 cm, the flower is terry. One bud from 30 petals. The shape of the bud is goblet, neat, gradually acquiring more and more splendor.

Bloom from June to August, abundant, repetitive. The variety is distinguished by its depth of color. Avalange is not a simple white rose, on its exquisite petals you can see pearl tints sparkling in the sun.

The aroma is subtle.

Frost resistance is above average.

Resistance to diseases and pests is average. Under unfavorable conditions, Avalange is prone to damage by black spot and powdery mildew.

In inclement, rainy weather, the buds do not bloom completely and small pink dots may appear on them.

Rose Avalanche, despite its romantic appearance, the plant is quite fragile and demanding to care for, it needs regular watering and feeding. A place for planting should be chosen well-lit, without drafts with soil acidity from 5.6 to 7.5 pH.

Initially, the variety was bred for cutting, and enjoys well-deserved popularity in the floristic world. Providing the rose with suitable conditions, abundant flowering can be seen at home. Pearl shades of buds that open slowly do not change their original color even from bright sunlight. The bush is suitable for both group plantings and for creating mono compositions.

Rose Avalange is delightfully beautiful, to grow it in your garden, of course, you have to make an effort, but the result is worth it. Large flowers with royal charm can brighten the best moments of our lives.

Photo of Avalanche rose


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