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Rose Aspirin

Rose Aspirin

Description of the variety

Lavishly covered with tassels of terry snow-white flowers, the Aspirin-Rose rose is deservedly considered one of the finest floribundas. The variety, bred in 1997 in Germany, is popular, decorating garden plots and harmoniously fitting into landscape compositions. Continuous flowering, amazing vitality, unpretentious care, these are the qualities for which rose lovers are so fond of the variety. A compact bush that always looks fresh and tidy, has good immunity and, with proper care, tolerates diseases and rainy weather.

Characteristics and features of the Aspirin variet

Floribunda garden group

The height of the bush: 60-70 cm, its diameter is 70-80 cm. The shape of the bush is spreading. Leaves are medium-sized, glossy

Color: at the very beginning of flowering and in cool weather, the buds are painted in pale pink shades, and under the influence of sunlight they become white.

Blossoming: Continuously blooming rose variety. Flowers are densely double, medium-sized: 4-6 cm in diameter. The number of snow-white petals in a bud is 50-60 pcs. The rose blooms in June, blooms profusely throughout the summer season, before the onset of October cold snaps.

Aroma: subtle, with subtle fruity notes

Frost resistance: Up to -26 ℃

Pest and disease resistance is high

High rain resistance

Propagation by cuttings

Rose care Aspirin

Rose Aspirin belongs to the varieties of unpretentious care. It is recommended to plant rose seedlings in the ground in spring in April or in autumn, in September-October. It is preferable to choose an elevated place for landing, where there will be no stagnant water. Loose and fertile soil, mineral and organic fertilizing, as well as watering will provide you with:

-the abundance and continuity of flowering shrub

-high decorative qualities of the plant

-compact, neat bush

In landscape design, the snow-white rose variety Aspirin is used in the formation of borders and flower alleys. The rose harmoniously complements other ornamental plants and looks no less impressive in single plantings. The miniature size allows Aspirin to be grown in containers and pots. According to gardeners' reviews, the Aspirin rose has proven itself excellent in cut. Bouquet compositions with Aspirin rose are filled with tenderness, and terry flowers delight their owners, filling weekdays and holidays with sunny warmth, comfort and harmony.

Photo of rose Aspirin


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