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Pink Aqua

Rose Aqua

Aqua Rose, a delightful beauty, surprisingly combines the sensuality and elegance of the queen of flowers. Hybrid tea rose bred by Dutch breeders and belongs to the Rosaceae family. The Aqua bush is of medium height, its stems are even and strong enough. A distinctive feature of this variety is the absence of thorns. Flowers at "Aqua" are large, pink, the petals at the edge of the bud are slightly darker than at the base. The shade of the petals changes at different stages of flowering. Beautiful color, high, even stem, absence of thorns and pleasant aroma enable Aqua to compete with the best flower arrangements.
Bud. The diameter of the bud is 8-12 cm, the form is classic hybrid tea, the glass is tall, it keeps on the bush for a long time.

Bush. Average height, 70-80 cm, diameter 50-60 cm, stems are long and even. The color is saturated. The thorns are practically absent.

Bloom. The flowering period is long. The first flowers appear at the end of June and the last ones can be admired until the frost.

Aroma. Nice, and at the same time quite persistent.

Frost resistance. Sixth zone.

Disease and pest resistance is high.

Pink Rose Aqua - Features and Description

It is the pink color, which has a rich range of shades, that allows this variety to successfully compete with the most demanded colors. The "Aqua" rose variety is popular both in floristry and in landscape design. Delicate pink plants create coziness, decorate the most beloved corners of the garden, perfectly harmonize with almost all "blooming neighbors". Plants are best planted in open, sunny places with sufficient air exchange, protected from drafts. Plants thrive both in greenhouses and outdoors. Freeze is transferred to -10 ° C. When the average daily temperature is below -5 ° C, the plants need shelter. The variety's resistance to pests and diseases is quite high.

Photo of rose Aqua

Delicate aroma, beautiful classic rose bud conquered many women's hearts. Pink aqua roses are a classic floral gift. This color is suitable for congratulations on almost any occasion. A declaration of love, congratulations from a loved one, a wedding, or an anniversary, rose Aqua can decorate all the brightest moments of our life with its beauty. Perfect appearance, harmonious combination with other plants and freshness of the bouquet for 14 days make Aqua a worthy decoration of the brightest, kindest and most memorable moments of our life.


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