Chocolate flowers, meat-smelling flowers or flowers that look like women's lips?

The world's rarest flowers - intriguing flora

Flowers of exceptional appearance and properties grow on our vast planet. Some of them are divinely beautiful, fragrant and graceful, while others, on the contrary, repel with their ugliness and unpleasant smell. But one feature unites them - it is uniqueness.

There is no consensus in the botanical environment, which flower is the rarest. But there is a list of similar colors. Some of them are on the brink of extinction and are protected.
It is worth paying attention to one of the rarest and most beautiful flowers - Strongylodon racemose. This is a liana flower, a representative of legumes. It is also called jade or emerald vine. Large flowers, collected in large hanging clusters, have a blue, emerald or jade color with shades of lilac, which can change and glow in the dark. They look amazingly beautiful day and night, are pollinated by bats, in nature they grow only in tropical rainforests in the Philippine Islands. It is considered an endangered species.
A rare plant listed in the Red Book is the bifolia or diphylea. Its white flowers become translucent after rain and resemble crystals. It is interesting to observe how a living flower seems to turn into a crystal one.

An unusual flower is Arnold's rafflesia. It stands out for its size and the smell of rotting meat, hence the name - cadaveric lily. Outwardly, it resembles pieces of rotten meat, reaches a meter or more in diameter and weighs up to 10 kg. This largest flower on earth is a parasite, it attaches itself to other plants and lives off of them. After a week of flowering, it turns into a pile of rot. Surprisingly, the flower is considered a medicinal plant. From it, a remedy for potency and an extract are obtained that help women recover after childbirth. It will melt in the tropical forests of Indonesia.

The smell of rotten meat, rotten eggs and fish has another outlandish flower - amorphophallus or “cadaveric flower”. Interestingly, the smell appears when you touch the flowers. The ear of a flower reaches five meters in height, two in diameter, and its temperature is 40 degrees. Almost exterminated in nature.
Smolevka Gibraltarian is a modest pale pink flower with five petals-hearts, remarkable for the fact that it grows only on the high rocks of Gibraltar. In this regard, very few people could see it in natural conditions. He almost disappeared from the face of the earth. Until the end of the twentieth century, it was considered extinct, then it turned out that the species was accidentally preserved in the Gibraltar reserve.
On the crowns of trees, entangling the trunk with cobweb roots, there is another rare flower - a ghostly orchid, polyriza. This is a wonderful miracle of nature. White, fragrant flowers seem to appear out of nowhere and float in the air around the tree. There are no leaves at all, the stalk is thin and inconspicuous, two petals are longer than the rest and have a bizarre shape, hanging down, resembling frog legs. Hence the other name - frog orchid. The flower grows in the tropics, in hard-to-reach places. It belongs to an endangered species, but they learned to cultivate it.
There are also known rare orchids, similar to shoes - the Lady's shoe, which has pockets on the flower in the form of shoes, and the Rothschild's shoe, or “Gold of Kinabalu”. In its inflorescence there are six flowers with horizontal striped petals, and it grows in only one place - in Malaysia, on the slope of Mount Kinabalu.
There is also a flower in nature that has the shortest life. Only a select few can see him, since he blooms at midnight, and after a few hours he dies. This is Kadupul, Heavenly Nagas or Queen of the Night. This delicate flower with white thin petals and a peculiar aroma grows on the islands of Sri Lanka and attracts tourists from all over the world.
Black kosmeya - chocolate cosmos has an amazing smell of chocolate with vanilla. His homeland is Mexico. But in the wild, the flower no longer exists. It was with great difficulty that breeders managed to restore this beautiful and aromatic plant.
Tropical takki are unusual and unique. Here they are known as indoor flowers and amaze with their fantastic shape and color. Transparent violet arrows with flowers connected in umbrellas, outwardly similar to a bat, emerge from bright green leaves. They are inherent in shades unusual for nature, close to black - greenish-brown, violet, purple.
Sublime psychotria looks attractive and even seductive. The flower has the shape of plump female lips and a bright scarlet color. The people even nicknamed him female sponges. Grows in the forests of Central and South America.

The above list of rare flowers, of course, is not complete. The flora of our planet is unique and rich, and getting to know it is a very interesting and exciting experience.

Author: Roman Oleksiienko


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