Why flowers are so important to women

Why flowers are so important for women: we understand the reasons for the floristic addiction of the fair sex

But really - why exactly roses, lilies, orchids and other representatives of this unique natural "Universe" became a reason for joy among girls from 3 to 99 years old?

Interestingly, the top Ukrainian XXL gloss recently conducted a survey and, according to it, 99% of women love to receive flowers as a token of attention. Not perfume, not accessories or fur coats, not a ticket and not even a certificate to a spa salon, but a bouquet - this answer, without hesitation, was given by the prevailing majority.

What is the strength of these plants? What meaning do they conceal? And why, after all, is it so important for us women to receive these fragrant and multi-colored armfuls?

Genetics and everything about it: is everything really unconscious?

Psychologists say that the root cause must be sought in nature. Remember how beautifully the peacock unfolds its tail in front of the female? And some birds this is how they win the attention of winged representatives of the opposite sex - bringing them a beautiful twig in their beak. A sign of attention, moreover, in this very form is the reason for a respectful attitude towards the male - this time.

Psychological attitudes: girls are girls like that

Bows, ruffles, marshmallows and other cute atmosphere from childhood lays in the charming head of little girls such a template about amenities. Of course, there are often cases when a set of winter tires causes no less delight, and yet, flowers are the top of girl's dreams. This is two.

Physiology: what drives us

The brain loves pleasant signals. And among the possible, visual and olfactory are some of the most powerful. Just like the scent of fresh baked goods with cinnamon, frosty morning, autumn leaves, so the scent of flowers awakens positive emotions. And they, in turn, are complemented by obtaining a beautiful picture - the contemplation of the bouquet itself. For this reaction, by the way, hormones are responsible, in particular, oxytocin. This is the same hormone that is produced in pregnant women and women who have given birth - it dulls fear and anxiety, which are replaced by joy and pleasure. And this is three.

Dear Men! Remember that this is one of the legal ways to get a woman's favor. Even if it is not yet close to you. Even if we are not talking about sensual, but friendly or even purely business relations. What is really there - inveterate feminists are happy to grow flowers in their front gardens and cherish an orchid in pots. And you, in turn, are now fully armed and know why women love flowers.

Author: Julia Ogilko

instagram - malisa_eighty_eight


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