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On the meaning of flowers: when and for what reason it is customary to give different flowers

On the meaning of flowers: when and for what reason it is customary to give different flowers

Choosing a bunch of flowers, not every representative of the strong half thinks about their meaning. After all, it is customary to give some flowers as a manifestation of their feelings, the second are de facto considered flowers of friendship, and the third are presented to business partners. If you do not know what flowers to give, then this article is for you.

It is important to say that most girls know most of the meanings of flowers well, so do not hesitate that they will immediately understand from your bouquet, with what intentions you presented it. Several centuries ago, in different countries, even the so-called "flower dictionaries" were published, which could be consulted to understand the meaning of flowers.

We suggest you briefly figure out what flowers to give, depending on who you are a person:

· For a girl: red rose, lavender, lily of the valley or orchid;

· Spouse: bell, red rose, aster, gerbera;

· Friend: iris, chamomile, chrysanthemum;

Mom: carnation, tulip, sunflower;

· Grandmother: white roses, violet, yellow tulip;

Sister: adonis, daisies, alstroemeria;

Colleague: clover, jasmine, buttercup, magnolia;

· Mother-in-law: olive, yellow rose, lotus.

There are some flowers that carry a negative meaning. For example, a sunflower is considered a symbol of arrogance, petunia expresses resentment, and aconite and begonia express a warning about the envious people you have. However, if your loved one is crazy about one of these flowers, then why not present such a bouquet as a gift, discarding all prejudices?

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