What flowers to give in winter and whether to give: we dispel myths and save the flora from frost

What flowers to give in winter and whether to give: we dispel myths and save the flora from frost

We boldly dispel myths and convince you that a bouquet of flowers delivered in December will delight you much more than, say, in hot July!

Myth number 1. Flowers are expensive in winter.

Almost the entire assortment, with the exception of a few varieties, is imported. Plants are grown in countries with warm climates, where seasonality is a rather arbitrary concept. Transportation, or rather, its price, also depends not on the month of the year, but rather on the exchange rate. However, there is some truth in this statement - payment for heating slightly increases the price tag, but almost imperceptibly for the buyer.

Myth number 2. During transportation, the bouquet will be damaged, the flowers will die or wither quickly.

The courier vehicles are equipped with air conditioning units, due to the work of which the plants are very comfortable. Of course, if you buy the composition yourself and take it across the city in a minibus at minus 20, it will have a hard time. Therefore, it is optimal to order a bouquet with home delivery in Kharkov.

Myth No. 3. The choice of an assortment of plants in winter is much less.

Not at times - only a part of the assortment disappears from sale, which is successfully replaced by exotic, which feels great in cold weather. For example, chamomile does not grow in winter, but chrysanthemums, roses and calla lilies are supplied from abroad without temperature restrictions. In addition, original New Year's bouquets of flowers can be timed to coincide with the New Year holidays - compositions with spruce branches, toys, tinsel and artificial frost are very popular in Kharkov.


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