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How tulips tolerate the cold: in caring for the right plants

How tulips tolerate the cold: in caring for the right plants

What idea quite logically appears in the mind of everyone who wants to buy tulips in winter, bringing a little spring freshness and romance into the life of a dear person? That's right - how these delicate plants will tolerate cold and low temperatures. After all, even a slight contrast and difference can harm a bouquet of tulips - the petals wither or fall off altogether, even if the plants are only a couple of minutes in an environment with sub-zero temperatures.

There is some truth in this, but not quite. The thing is that the potential in these colors is simply fantastic. And depending on the variety and class of bulbs, breeders manage to grow, and then offer you to buy a bouquet of tulips, which will steadily transfer the time of transportation from the store to your home. Moreover, if you decide to order a bouquet of tulips with delivery, the courier and his specially equipped car for this purpose will worry about the safety of the purchase!

The Viaflor online store knows exactly how to take care of tulip bouquets. Own greenhouses, careful collection and creative implementation of the concept of really bright and juicy bouquets. Without risk, but with a lot of pleasure - yellow, red and white tulips are able to delight outside of time, season and temperature outside the window!


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