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Chrysanthemum variety Talita

Chrysanthemum variety Talita

Chrysanthemum is the best and most beloved autumn flower. It is impossible to imagine our parks and squares, gardens and flower beds without this bright beauty. Bush chrysanthemums are especially actively used to create autumn flower gardens.

Today in the world there are up to seven hundred varieties of spray chrysanthemums belonging to the Asteraceae family. These include the Talita chrysanthemum. It is called chamomile.

During the flowering of this culture, beautiful burgundy flowers are formed with a dense pink, lilac or crimson hue and a greenish center. The bloom is very lush, lasts from late July to mid-autumn and longer.

Elegant bushes, generously covered with bright flowers, like a farewell summer greeting, like the last gift of the sun, line up for a parade of chrysanthemums and delight with their catchy beauty, warm the soul and heart.

The value of the variety lies not only in its excellent decorative qualities, but also in its high resistance to weather disasters, diseases and pests.

Description of chrysanthemum Talita

Chrysanthemum Talita is widely used in landscape design.

She feels great in flower beds, frames the paths with a bright strip, adds bright shades and charm to the summer landscape, is a great addition to the rich autumn palette.

“Talita” looks incredible in combination with chrysanthemums of other colors. Compositions made with her participation from flowers of contrasting colors, for example, white and yellow, look very impressive and interesting.

It stands out favorably against the background of conifers, and planted among the lawn is an undoubted decoration of the entire lawn. It can also be grown as a cascade.

Photo of chrysanthemum Talita

A feature of the Talita chrysanthemum, which is liked by all gardeners, is its ability to easily take root in different areas and grow there without transplanting, without losing the ability to bloom and decorative, for five years. The flowers are also frost-resistant.

It is better to propagate the Talita chrysanthemum by dividing the bush or by cuttings. A neutral or not very acidic soil is suitable for planting. Fertilizer is applied to the depleted soil, this is especially important during the growth period, but chrysanthemums should not be over-fed, as this will cause them to bloom poorly.

The division of the bush is carried out in the spring, in April - May. When young shoots appear, the bush is carefully dug up together with the ground, then they are cleaned and the root is divided into parts, so that each has 3 - 4 shoots. For disinfection, you can soak the planting material in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

The grafting method also fully justifies itself. In the fall, cuttings are cut, placed in containers with prepared soil, to which humus, sand, peat are added, moistened and covered with earth. The containers are placed in a cool, dark place. Watering is required from time to time. In the spring, when shoots appear, the plant is planted in open ground.

Reproduction by seeds with their preliminary germination in a greenhouse in boxes is also allowed. The soil is mixed with fertilizer and sand, moistened and sown directly on the surface of the soil, then covered with glass or film. Plants that have reached five centimeters can be transplanted into open soil. It should be remembered that the first two methods are more reliable.

Regardless of the planting method, it is necessary to treat the seedlings with phosphamide and remove the growth point, that is, to pinch. After about a month, you need to cut off the top. This is necessary for the correct formation of the bush.

“Talita” is an unpretentious variety. Chrysanthemum copes well with frost, loves the sun, but young shoots can die under its scorching rays. To preserve and grow them, shading must be done for the seedlings. You should also water and mulch the soil.

When planting, it should be remembered that a distance of ten to thirty centimeters should be maintained between the plants.

Chrysanthemum Talita is grown not only to decorate the landscape. It is great for creating beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets. Combining with chrysanthemums of other types and colors, as well as with other flowers, it looks great in solo performance, without the need for additional components.

“Talita” is such an impeccable variety of chrysanthemums that they simply have to register it on every site, on every flower bed!


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