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Phalaenopsis orchids are a gorgeous gift at any time of the year

Phalaenopsis orchids are a gorgeous gift at any time of the year!

Mysterious, graceful and unpretentious phalaenopsis tops the rating of the most popular houseplants! And this is not at all surprising, since the orchid is an elite flower of bohemia and aristocracy, a plant that indicates to others your refined and sophisticated taste.

Not sure how to surprise a girl? Phalaenopsis Orchid is a gorgeous gift at any time of the year. There will be no limit to her happiness and joyful awe, especially if the young lady does not like cut flowers. The plant is not only incredibly beautiful and delicate, but also blooms for a long time, and also decorates the interior. It is most pleasant to observe the contrast in winter: evening window and bright buds.

Many people are afraid to start an orchid, because it is difficult to care for it, but everything is not so scary. Yes, taking care of Phalaenopsis includes some nuances, but they are very easy to follow.

The flower is very fond of light, while it is necessary to ensure that the direct rays of the sun do not fall on it. The first sign of a lack of light is dark green leaves. A healthy plant has bright, light leaves. If there is an excess of light, they begin to turn yellow and dry.
It is important to protect the orchid from drafts, which can destroy a fragile creature.
The plant loves moisture very much, so on hot days, spray the leaves twice a day or put sphagnum moss on the roots.
It is advisable to plant the flower in a transparent pot, since the roots also need daylight (photosynthesis takes place in them, like in the leaves).
A special soil is required, which includes clay, sifted sand, coal, cork, etc. (almost no land).
The plant loves to "drink", but it needs to be watered in a special way, immersing the pot in a container of water for 10-15 minutes.
It is impossible to resist the charm of an orchid, therefore, no matter how capricious your chosen one is, she, despite the small difficulties of care, will definitely like the flower. You can buy phalaenopsis at a bargain price on our website of the Kharkiv flower delivery service. “Thank you for such a wonderful gift,” - for sure, you will hear in response.



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