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Eustoma varieties Alice

Eustoma varieties Alice

In the last decade, a beautiful flowering plant, the eustoma, has gained popularity on the territory of our country, the original name of which is lisianthus. Its homeland is America and Northern Mexico.

They are called eustoma and Irish rose. The flowers resemble a rose in shape and are not at all inferior to it in appearance and charm. Smooth stems do not have thorns, reaching from 50 to 100 cm in height. One plant usually forms from 15 to 20-30 buds! One branch is already a charming bouquet!

Eustoma always evokes feelings of delight, affection and warmth. She looks great in the foreground of flower beds, in flower pots, containers and in compositions.

Description of Eustoma Alice

Many varieties of eustoma have been bred in the world, the original plant for them was the species of Russell or Eustoma Large-flowered. As a result of selection, a very successful eustoma variety appeared - Alice.

We managed to create several varieties of this variety. All these plants are tall, have large double flowers with fringed edges, reminiscent of roses and carnations.

In addition to exceptional external data, these flowers are distinguished by the fact that they retain freshness and beauty for a long time after cutting, they tolerate transportation well, and stand in bouquets for a long time.

The main difference between the representatives of this variety is the color. Natural blue color, sometimes varying from saturated to pale, has "Alice Blue". The snow-white petals of the eustoma "Alice White" are collected in dense buds, and wedding bouquets are often made from it. The real pink miracle is Alice Pink. “Alice Champagne” is painted in pale yellow tones. There are also representatives of very delicate greenish colors - "Green" - and flowers with apricot, peach shades - "Eipricot".

Photo by Eustoma Alice

This variety is propagated by seeds. For breeding, you need to grow seedlings. For this, already in January - February, it is necessary to sow seeds. They are extremely small, so for sale they form dragees, which contain nutrients necessary for development.

The soil is prepared in advance: two parts of peat are mixed with one part of the earth, adding half a portion of sand. You can add humus. For sterilization, it is good to pour boiling water with the addition of potassium permanganate. Granules (dragees) are laid out on the prepared cooled soil and lightly pressed down with your hands. Then the soil is moistened with a sprayer, and the pellets are pierced so that the sprouts can easily break through. From above it is necessary to cover everything with glass or film.

So that the seedlings do not lack light, additional artificial lighting is used. The temperature in the daytime should be from 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, and at night not lower than 18.

Ventilation should also be provided. The soil must be periodically, as necessary, moistened with a spray bottle. To protect the seedlings from root rot, the sprouts that appear are watered only in the morning.

By the end of the first week of life, it's time to harden the seedlings. You need to start with 10 minutes, gradually reaching three hours a day. When two pairs of true leaves appear, the seedlings dive. Due to the growth of the root system in the first months, the eustoma grows very slowly.

If you want to make the plant more bushy, to achieve more lush and abundant flowering, you can pinch it when 5-6 pairs of leaves appear. in Japan, all lateral shoots are often removed and one future bud is left, which turns into a huge single flower.

It is recommended to treat seedlings with growth biostimulants. Epin is suitable, 4 drops of which are added to one hundred milliliters of water and sprayed on the sprouts after picking. The transplanted flowering bushes are fed with Agricol of the minimum concentration.

For planting in open ground, seedlings are usually ready by May. It is better to do this in the second half of the month, when the night temperature is kept at around plus 18 degrees. Landing sites in the sun are not suitable, at the same time they should be well lit and ventilated. Gusty winds are dangerous.

Planting holes are dug at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Mineral fertilizers (nitrophosphate) are added to them. If the acidity is increased, wood ash is added. All are mixed and the seedlings are planted, not really deepening it. Water the plant carefully so as not to wet the leaves. Mulching with peat is also recommended.

In the future, it is necessary to weed, water and loosen the soil, remove dry or rotten parts, if it is very damp, it must be treated with fungicides to prevent fungal diseases.

The Alice variety blooms for a long time, from July to September inclusive, sometimes until the very frost

In order for this bush to be planted next year, it must be carefully dug up along with the ground and placed in a pot or container. After flowering, you should carefully trim the shoots, leaving only three, and reduce watering to a minimum, stop fertilizing. The storage area should be dark and cool (no more than 10 degrees). Leaving resumes in the spring, and with the onset of warmth, the plant is planted again.

Sometimes, in order not to injure the plant, after diving, the eustoma is transplanted into large pots, together with which they are planted in a flower bed, and removed from there in the fall.

It is better to buy seeds for sowing in specialized stores. Sometimes it turns out to independently collect the planting material, but this absolutely cannot be done if F1 hybrids have been planted. They will not produce offspring, or they will be completely different and ugly. And do not forget to look into the catalog of eustomas of the Viaflor store. When ordering a bouquet of eustoma, be sure that the flowers will be delivered fresh and on time. Thanks for attention.


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