"Business" bouquet: what flowers to give a woman at a business meeting

"Business" bouquet: what flowers to give a woman at a business meeting

When choosing compositions for close and dear people, we are guided, more often, by our own sense of "correctness" and the taste of the person being presented (if, of course, you are lucky and you know that chrysanthemums are ok, but hyacinths are not the best option). But what to do if the situation obliges you to find an approach to a business partner, a leader, especially if he is a woman?

The likelihood that the presented composition will be perceived biasedly, in two ways and in any way, but not in the way you planned, is quite high. Let's try to make a kind of rating of points, the observance of which will definitely convey the main idea.

Intricate business floristry

Yes, such a concept exists, and modern florists are sure to study this direction in courses. This is because they must be guided by emotion, occasion and the presentation the client wants.

Ode to "velichi". Here we are talking about traditional types of plants: roses, orchids, gerberas, alstroemeria. Exotic can create the wrong effect, especially against the backdrop of a business dinner and appropriate dress code.

Restraint is at the head. The bouquet should not cause discomfort and require any additional actions, such as an urgent search for a vase or even a bucket. Pay attention to the "European" shapes of the bouquets: spiral, round or symmetrical. The main thing is to avoid the effect of pomp.

Size is important. Here, again, we are talking about the comfort of the gifted. Reasonableness is the main rule. Try not to go beyond 40-45 cm in diameter and 35-40 cm in height. Especially if the woman to whom the bouquet is intended is of a fragile constitution.

Shades. It is more difficult here, but again, the European palette can come to the rescue: blue, red and yellow. Interspersed with decorative greenery is quite acceptable if it echoes the general geometry of the bouquet.

Author: Julia Ogilko

instagram - malisa_eighty_eight


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