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Ordering a bouquet of roses in Kharkov has become even easier with VIAFLOR!

Ordering a bouquet of roses in Kharkov has become even easier with VIAFLOR!

Perhaps in the modern frenzied world there is no place for nonsense in the form of flowers, but psychologists have proven that it is just such little things that can cheer you up, improve your well-being in a few seconds, no matter what troubles have happened in life before. A bouquet of live roses is the best gift for any occasion, an obligatory attribute of a romantic date, a classic way to ask for forgiveness, to demonstrate your delight or tender feelings. Sometimes you don't need to look for any excuses to order a bouquet for your beloved, mother or friend. After all, the most valuable gift is unexpected, presented just like that. And flowers in Kharkov have always been the best way to show your feelings or prove love.

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Even in the era of romanticism, there was a tradition to convey emotions through flowers. Every nuance was important here: the number of buds, color, proximity to other plants. For example:

white is a symbol of kindness, purity and innocence, presenting it they say: "I admire your heavenly beauty";
red - meant love and affection, it was customary to give it to friends or relatives;
dark red - was considered the color of violent passion, insanely hot emotions, and the brighter its shade, the stronger the feeling (usually given to loved ones);
a pink bouquet is a symbol of tenderness and admiration, they expressed sympathy and a new beginning of relations (a kind of hint of the feeling that, in the near future, may arise through the efforts of Cupid);
yellow - despite the fact that for some reason it is considered a symbol of separation, it expresses friendship, respect and recognition (you can give it to business partners, colleagues);
peach / cream flowers - a manifestation of gratitude, they are often presented in honor of the successful completion of affairs;
blue is a sign of mystery, it is given to extraordinary people, mysterious and inaccessible.
So, without words, you could express your feelings. Such correspondence was probably more romantic than today's phone sms and emails. Why not return to the past and renew the tradition, at least on February 14 - the day of tender confessions and romantic surprises? For these purposes, we have wonderful flowers, such as the Mirabelle rose, El Toro, Jumilia, which will help tell about your love and tenderness.

But on the day of March 8, it is better to opt for tulips - a symbol of spring, happiness and femininity - or aristocratic orchids, which signify wisdom, beauty, and family comfort.


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