Not the same aroma and aesthetics: the flower dishes you want to cook today

Not the same aroma and aesthetics: the flower dishes you want to cook today

Who said that beautiful is not equally tasty? Hundreds of gourmets around the world would argue with you who not only enjoy flowers, but also eat them with great pleasure. And if you are too far away from French restaurants and gastronomic cafes in Amsterdam, here are working and affordable alternatives - dishes that you can easily prepare today!

After spending a couple of hours online, I have collected for you short recipes that seemed to me not only interesting, but also quite edible, and even, by and large, quite useful (exotic exotic, but PP has not yet been canceled). So:
1. Jelly from violets.

The dish opens the "menu" of today, because even in the photo it has an amazingly fabulous shade, and the aroma seems to seep through digital pixels right into your nose. Just two glasses of flowers, boiling water, pectin, sugar and lemon juice, and a fantastic dish for evening tea or as a "wow effect" for guests is ready. Important - only wild flowers can be used, so nothing threatens your home flowerpots.
2. Creamy dandelion soup.

And here the spectrum of useful and important ingredients includes almost all the components of the plant: petals, leaves, and unopened buds. To compensate for the taste, the author suggests using celery root, otherwise the recipe is standard.

3. Calendula muffins.

In this case, the one who is generous wins, therefore 0.5-1 glass of dried calendula petals is added to the classic recipe for kefir muffins. Light and unobtrusive aroma and unconditional benefits, which, most likely, can balance a fairly high-calorie and sweet dessert.

4. Cheesecake with lavender.

The fact that this flower is used, among other things, as a spice and one of the ingredients in dishes is not news. But just imagine how much it can enrich the taste of an already perfect dessert! To try it, simply supplement the traditional recipe with 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried lavender. By the way, some aesthetes recommend decorating the finished pieces with a violet, without hesitation eating an airy and vanilla soufflé with it.

Once my mother, one of the few, prepared a dish, the aroma of which I still remember today - it was syrup from tea rose petals. There was also an alternative - it turns out that tulip petals in sugar are considered an exquisite dessert, and the leaves of these flowers can be used in salads and cold soups. Variety is the key to enjoying life, so keep up with it!

Author: Julia Ogilko

instagram - malisa_eighty_eight


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