Bouquets for men 21.04.2021 Rose Super Green 21.04.2021 Pink Aqua 15.04.2021 Роза Императрица Фарах 10.02.2021 Роза Глория Дей (Gloria Dei) 10.02.2021 Peony variety Bartzella (Bartzella) 30.06.2020 Tea rose - features of the variety 30.06.2020 Morning glory flower 30.06.2020 Rose Variety Kerio (Kerio) 30.06.2020 Rose grade Rubicon "Rubicon" 30.06.2020 Rose varieties Freedom (Freedom) 30.06.2020 Rose variety Iguazu 30.06.2020 Rose variety Explorer (Explorer) 30.06.2020 Chrysanthemum variety Zemblа 21.06.2020 Phlox flowers (Zenobia) 21.06.2020 Rose varieties Princess Margaret (Crown Princess Margareta) 21.06.2020 Alaska daisies (Alaska daisy) 21.06.2020 Rose variety Polka 91 (Polka 91) 21.06.2020 Parrot tulips, varieties and types 18.06.2020 Peony varieties Sarah Bernhardt (Sarah Bernhardt) 18.06.2020 Lili Marleen 18.06.2020 Lavender flower 18.06.2020 Iris varieties High Master (High Master) 18.06.2020 Tree peonies 18.06.2020 Chrysanthemum variety Talita 12.06.2020 Cymbidium grade magic vogel 12.06.2020 Rose varieties Pierre de Ronsard 12.06.2020 Rose of the World Cup variety 12.06.2020 Coral Charm peony 12.06.2020 Eustoma varieties Alice 02.06.2020 Peony varieties Solange 02.06.2020 Rose Jubilee Cordes 02.06.2020 Chrysanthemum Opal 02.06.2020 Lily variety Frontera 02.06.2020 Rose Utopia 31.05.2020 The rarest plants in Ukraine 21.04.2020 What plants continue to grow under the snow 25.02.2020 Chocolate flowers, meat-smelling flowers or flowers that look like women's lips? 05.02.2020 Why don't they give yellow roses and other flowers - we break the myths! 21.01.2020 What flowers to give in winter and whether to give: we dispel myths and save the flora from frost 28.12.2019 How to give roses correctly: bouquet presentation etiquette 28.12.2019 How tulips tolerate the cold: in caring for the right plants 28.12.2019 Wedding floristry, or what flowers are best for a wedding celebration 18.11.2019 Why flowers are so important to women 09.11.2019 "Business" bouquet: what flowers to give a woman at a business meeting 06.11.2019 Different colors of flowers: not a tautology, but interesting facts that you need to know 29.10.2019 What is your zodiac sign? 25.10.2019 Not the same aroma and aesthetics: the flower dishes you want to cook today 20.10.2019 Selfie with flowers, or how not to take a boring photo "like everyone else" 15.10.2019 For a woman - flowers, for children - ice cream, or get rid of stereotypes from your life. 10.10.2019 Floral etiquette, we give flowers beautifully. 12.07.2019 Hydrangea in the garden, and about bouquets of hydrangeas. 10.07.2019 Bouquets of roses - delightful diamonds cut by the hands of a master. 05.07.2019 White roses are the main hybrid tea and bush varieties. 25.06.2019 Choosing a bouquet for September 1: elegant compositions for the Day of Knowledge 11.08.2018 The novelty of the VIAFLOR catalog is a bouquet-compliment 11.08.2018 Bouquets with delivery across Kharkiv from VIAFLOR are convenient, inexpensive and pleasant! 10.08.2018 Replenishment of the assortment with big teddy bears. 25.11.2017 To present a bouquet of hydrangea flowers - to express the most sincere feelings! 01.10.2017 What bouquet of flowers to give on Teacher's Day ?! 28.09.2017 A bouquet of flowers for the holiday Faith, Hope, Love 25.09.2017 Subscribe to VIAFLOR on Instagram - flower delivery in Kharkov 15.09.2017 Flowers for March 8 with delivery from "Viaflor" - the best gift for your loved ones 06.03.2017 Tulip is a flower of joy and the main symbol of spring 06.03.2017 On the meaning of flowers: when and for what reason it is customary to give different flowers 06.03.2017 Flowers in a box - a delicate and fashionable gift for a sweetheart 06.03.2017 How to preserve the appearance of a bouquet of flowers as long as possible 01.12.2014 Phalaenopsis orchids are a gorgeous gift at any time of the year 01.12.2014 Ordering a bouquet of roses in Kharkov has become even easier with VIAFLOR! 01.12.2014 We have opened! Flowers delivery in Kharkov from VIAFLOR 01.12.2014


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