Rose Irina

Rose Irina

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Colour: red
Height: 60 см:60
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Amount:Minimum order from 19 pcs. Registration:It is possible to choose the color of the packaging, design, as well as the number of flowers in the composition at the request of the client. Indicate your wishes to the managers, and we will be happy to help you
Product description
Tea roses cannot be confused with anything, especially if we are talking about such outstanding representatives of this family as the Irina variety. The flowers of this subspecies are distinguished by a wide, voluminous bud, consisting of dozens of slightly corrugated petals. The formed inflorescence emits a characteristic aroma that cannot be confused with anything. However, the plant is not famous for its bud alone. The flower is attached to a long, thin stem, which is framed dotted with leaf plates. Thus, every detail of the flower works to create a unique visual composition that will definitely appeal to your significant other. That is why Irina roses are a great gift. Make sure of this right now by ordering our single roses. Buying flowers one by one is a great option, both financially and practically. Just select the height of the flower stem you are interested in, and also specify the shade of the bud. Add an item to your cart or "Favorites" section to postpone your purchase until later. We take care of the rest, we just have to wait for the fast delivery.
Shipping and payment
1. Free delivery - from 9:00 to 21:00, in the period from 21:00 to 09:00 the cost is 100 UAH.

2. Delivery in the region 6 UAH / km

3. Urgent delivery of bouquets of flowers in Kharkov is possible at an individual rate.

4. Please note: a team needs 1-2 hours or more to form and deliver an order.

5. Types of payments: Current Account / Privatbank / Monobank / LIQPAY / Western Union / PAYSEND / RIA Money Transfer / MoneyGram / YaDengi
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