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Rose Grand Prix

Rose Grand Prix

бесплатная доставкафотоотчетоткрытка
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Colour: red
Height: 60 см:30 70 см:42 80 см:48 90 см:52
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Product Detail
Amount:Minimum order from 19 pcs. Registration:It is possible to choose the color of the packaging, design, as well as the number of flowers in the composition at the request of the client. Indicate your wishes to the managers, and we will be happy to help you
Product description
Grand Prix roses are flowers with an unambiguous, self-explanatory name. Such plants differ from their counterparts in an absolutely unique bud. The inflorescence consists of dozens of fragrant petals, each of which is positioned to seamlessly create an endless, mesmerizing spiral of variegated hues. The bud, as already mentioned, exudes an aroma that you can enjoy by taking the plant by the tall stem. The long, straight and stern stem is complemented by small leaves. The foliage successfully accentuates the beauty of the flower, highlighting the accents and enhancing the visual properties of the Grand Prix rose. For its uncompromising appearance, the flower is appreciated as a gift. This is a wonderful present for a dear person, soul mate or yourself, because every esthete will enjoy the beauty of a flower. Buying roses by the piece will help with this. Our assortment contains the best individual offers. Choose the height of the flower, from 60 to 90cm, add the rose to your basket or "Favorites" for future purchases. Professionals are responsible for delivery, so the bouquet will arrive in perfect condition. See you soon. Enjoy your purchases!
Shipping and payment
1. Free delivery - from 9:00 to 21:00, in the period from 21:00 to 09:00 the cost is 100 UAH.

2. Delivery in the region 6 UAH / km

3. Urgent delivery of bouquets of flowers in Kharkov is possible at an individual rate.

4. Please note: a team needs 1-2 hours or more to form and deliver an order.

5. Types of payments: Current Account / Privatbank / Monobank / LIQPAY / Western Union / PAYSEND / RIA Money Transfer / MoneyGram / YaDengi
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