Rose Miss Piggy

Rose Miss Piggy

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Colour: rose,orange
Height: 60 см:30 70 см:35 80 см:40
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Amount:Minimum order from 19 pcs. Registration:It is possible to choose the color of the packaging, design, as well as the number of flowers in the composition at the request of the client. Indicate your wishes to the managers, and we will be happy to help you
Product description
If your significant other wants to enjoy beautiful flowers presented as a sign of attention and sincerity of feelings, be sure to consider Miss Piggy roses. Wonderful plants are eminent due to their own color. The outer side of the petals is colored with a delicate pink tone, and those components of the bud that are located closer to the core of the inflorescence are presented in a light yellow color. The flower gives off a pleasant, visitable scent that sets Miss Piggy apart from other varieties of roses. The beauty of the flower is also emphasized by the straight, austere stem, decorated with small leaves. Compositionally, the rose is ideal, make sure of this right now by choosing our single roses. Just pick the flower of interest, indicate the height of the plant's leg and add the item to the basket. In order not to lose your favorite flowers and postpone them for subsequent orders, use the "Favorites" section. When the order of individual roses is formed, you just have to wait for the fast delivery from our experienced couriers. See you, good luck and pleasant shopping!
Shipping and payment
1. Free delivery - from 9:00 to 21:00, in the period from 21:00 to 09:00 the cost is 100 UAH.

2. Delivery in the region 6 UAH / km

3. Urgent delivery of bouquets of flowers in Kharkov is possible at an individual rate.

4. Please note: a team needs 1-2 hours or more to form and deliver an order.

5. Types of payments: Current Account / Privatbank / Monobank / LIQPAY / Western Union / PAYSEND / RIA Money Transfer / MoneyGram / YaDengi
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