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Do you prefer minimalism or do not like ready-made ideas? Is there an important date ahead, an interesting day or a reason for important words? In that case, the idea of buying cheap roses is a great one and the ViaFlor team will support you fully! "Grazia and Morning Dew, Chiri and Shangri La, Peach Avalange and many other elite varieties are ready to bring joy - that's what nature has created them for!

Along with dozens of other categories of our online store, the team is happy to help you buy roses piece by piece with delivery. Let's imagine, in what cases such a solution is optimal?

1. We are sure that you want to limit yourself to a symbolic sign of attention. It is quite logical, because not all occasions involve large-scale gifts: flower arrangements, flower baskets or balloons. And sometimes one 60-centimetre rose can look more harmonious than a whole armful of gerber.

2. we'd like to play with the options on our own. And so it happens, too, if you feel the urge to show fantasy, that is, is there a sense to oppose it? Especially, to buy roses piece by piece cheaply is a great tool for such a task!

3. You like "creative mess". And it can also be attractive! Collect one flower from several cardinally different varieties and get a mini-bloom - natural, unusual and very beautiful.

Kharkov Rose Delivery - ViaFlor

- Three dozen completely different colors. And it's not just about varieties, but also about shades - an amazing variety from which you will create a bouquet that will silently tell about your feelings.

- Acceptable prices of roses piece by piece in Kharkiv. Even more than that, because we have excluded a component of the design. From 25 hryvnia for one exquisite flower, which will give much more emotions than your favorite espresso in the nearest coffee shop.

- It's fresher than morning dew. The fact that the flower has recently been part of the natural flora, we guarantee you! In addition, the courier delivers your purchase in minutes, extending the period of joy of contemplation "queen of flowers".

It is naive to suppose that to buy roses piece by piece is banal and even in something elementary decision of a task in view - to please and to present positive. Just remember - there are only seven colors in the palette and seven notes in the music, but how many amazing paintings and works are written thanks to the skillful use of a limited, at first glance, choice.

That's a philosophy that ViaFlor is happy to use when it comes to offering you cheap roses by the piece. In this case, you are the creator, while the florists are only apprentices! Be inspired by the photos and add the goods to the basket yourself, or tell our managers about your desire. Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, managers are polite and friendly regardless of the weather and mood, and the choice is rich and colorful. This is exactly the format that you have been looking for so long! Purchase and be sure to come back to ViaFlor, we're sure there'll be hundreds more moments in your life to brighten up!

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Where to buy roses and bouquets of roses in Kharkov?

In the online store of fresh flowers - Viaflor You can buy roses of any color and quantity, there is also a large assortment of bouquets of roses in the catalog. Order online with delivery to the address. Delivery of your order is free across Kharkov.

How to care for a bouquet of roses?

1. The water for the bouquet should be chlorine-free 2. Trim the ends of the stem every three days by 1-3 cm 3. Do not place the bouquet near heating systems and in direct sunlight. 4. A special tool for cut flowers can be added to the water (check availability with our managers).


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