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Flowers in a box
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Fresh flowers in boxes delivered by Via Flor

 How many significant occasions in your life under the pretext of which the desire to buy boxes with flowers with delivery and to please a loved one became irresistible?  But this is a universal format, which, without undue modesty, is suitable for absolutely any event.  Original, effective compositions will appeal to strong men, and charming women, and children, and colleagues - the list goes on and on, but the ViaFlor team prefers to focus your attention on the basis - the ability to order flowers in a delivery box.

 How is it going?

 Simple - from your side, and scrupulously and responsibly - from the managers, florists and couriers of Via Flor.  To order flowers in a box, you just need to inform the company's managers about your intentions, choose the ready-made option you like, pay in a convenient way and inform the address and delivery time.  That's all.

 What are the options?

 Before you - several dozen original proposals, ready for delivery of flowers in hat boxes.  Florists have already worked out several scenarios, each of which can be modified for a specific task.  Burgundy chrysanthemums and yellow gerberas, freesias and lilies, carnations and skimias, a mix of eustoma and Dutch varietal roses in a delicate nude palette - it seems to us that ViaFlor florists have provided almost all possible options!

 How a boxed flower delivery from ViaFlor will save you the hassle

 Firstly, you don’t have to go to flower showrooms on your own and spend time choosing one or another composition (the problem with the lack of knowledge of varieties of colors and combinations also disappears by itself).  All that is needed is to study bright, juicy and informative photos, descriptions, and make a choice in favor of ordering flowers in a box with delivery.  Does not work?  Ask the manager a question, he will figure it out!

Secondly, you are automatically spared the “standard gift stamp”.  Of course, balloons and indoor flowers are able to compete in originality with a bouquet of flowers in a box with delivery, and yet if the task is to produce an effect, you are in this category of the catalog!

 Thirdly, you knowingly purchase flowers in boxes with handles with delivery, the life cycle of which is extended due to just this format.  The thing is that before collecting the composition, a special floristic material is placed on the bottom of the box - foam (sponge), which is saturated with moisture.  This means that you do not need to change the water in the vase, and even more so, to look for the latter in "Spartan" conditions.

 ViaFlor delivers flower around the clock for a reason - because we know how valuable it is to “catch and not miss a moment” to make a desire pleasant.  And also our clients sometimes forget about important dates, and then the high-speed transportation of our own courier service saves the honor, dignity and good mood of the whole company.  Delivering boxes of flowers with ViaFlor is as easy as two and two!


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