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Wedding bouquets
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Wedding Bouquets: Aesthetic Compositions Delivered by ViaFlor

Every florist, including the creative and selflessly in love with their work, the ViaFlor team, has a favorite “theme”. And one of them is to give you the opportunity to buy a bridal bouquet that will mirror the emotions of this important day. This is an attribute that, like the color of the eyes, the rhythm of the heartbeat and the number of breaths per minute, is unique and performs a very important function, completing the image of the future spouse.

As in the movies and on the glossy pages: see what wedding bouquets with delivery in Kharkov are available in Viaflor

Non-triviality means dissimilarity to everything familiar and standard. This rule was followed by the florists of our company, when they created bouquets for the bride, photos of which are posted in our catalog. Elegant calla lilies, collected in a compact composition, delicate peony roses in red and white shades with greenery and orchids, complemented by bunches of berries, freesias or greens. The inspiration that we draw is based not only on your emotions - in the catalog of bridal bouquets with delivery in Kharkov you will find trendy and stylish variations, analogs of which you probably met on the pages of magazines about the day "X".

We can hear. Just tell us about your desires or send a photo of the option you like. A bouquet for weddings with delivery, in which bright colors prevail? Fine! A compact format from a nude palette? Will be done! Do you delegate to us the task of choosing a spectrum of plants, say, for a dress or the main colors of the ceremonial hall? Great, we can do it 100%!

Please note: if the bride does not want to part with her flowers during the ritual of throwing a bouquet to unmarried guests, you can order a duplicate or similar composition purely for these purposes. Budget and win-win - at ViaFlor!

A few recommendations for you: 3 life hacks, how to buy a bride’s wedding bouquet

1. Size. Remember that with a floral ensemble, you will need to spend the whole day, almost without letting go of it. As an alternative, ViaFlor florists often offer a rational solution - two different sizes (for photo shoots and walks).

2. Shades. In this case, there are two options - you can play in contrast and buy a bridal bridal bouquet of strikingly different shades of flowers, or you can choose a stylistic continuation of the dress.

3. The format. Creative or classic? Start from the theme and scenario of the wedding, because if your celebration is in the European format, a huge bouquet of lilies will be discordant with it, and it is better to give preference to small compositions. And vice versa. Complicated? Consult with the designers, we have ready-made solutions and author's developments for any task!

The day you hear “YES!” From each other all details are important. The height of the heel and the speed of the car, the music and the hairstyle, and, of course, the freshness and "vitality" of that very floristic perfection - the original wedding bouquet. In Kharkov and beyond, at a photo session and during the first dance, and even after a feast - the composition from ViaFlor will remind you of the minutes of happiness for several more days. Order - we will collect, deliver and congratulate!


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