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Peony rose "Big Misty Bubbles"

Peony rose "Big Misty Bubbles"

бесплатная доставкафотоотчетоткрытка
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Colour: rose
Height: 50-70 см:4950
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Amount:Peony rose Misty Bubbles 55 pcs Registration:Tracing paper, satin ribbon Additionally:Вибрати колір упаковки, оформлення, а так само кількість квітів в композиції можливо за бажанням клієнта. Вказуйте Ваші побажання менеджерам, і ми Вам з радістю допоможемо
Product description
55 peony roses Misty Bubbles will help to express feelings. Do you want to beautifully confess your love, express gratitude and respect, or conquer the disposition of an unshakable beauty? A bouquet of 55 peony roses will help to make an impression and melt a cold heart. The flower is considered a sign of reverence, ardent passion and unbridled desire. Therefore, a luxurious composition of a huge number of buds will tell about your irrepressible feelings better than a hundred words. A giant bouquet of 55 peony roses is the dream of many representatives of the wonderful sex. Become a wizard for your beloved!
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1. Free delivery - from 9:00 to 21:00, in the period from 21:00 to 09:00 the cost is 100 UAH.

2. Delivery in the region 6 UAH / km

3. Urgent delivery of bouquets of flowers in Kharkov is possible at an individual rate.

4. Please note: a team needs 1-2 hours or more to form and deliver an order.

5. Types of payments: Current Account / Privatbank / Monobank / LIQPAY / Western Union / PAYSEND / RIA Money Transfer / MoneyGram / YaDengi
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