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Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys

Just close your eyes and think about something beloved, soft, fluffy, charming and warm. Oh, this is your favorite teddy bear / fox / chicken, without which you could not fall asleep in childhood! He warmed you up at night, accompanied you in games during the day, and, for sure, you did not dare to throw him out, having matured. It is such tender associations that you can call your loved one (regardless of whether he is 3 years old or 30 years old) if you order delivery of soft toys in the ViaFlor online store!

Beyond age and time: we explain why buying a soft toy with delivery is the right decision

And also in any season. And let it seem to someone that such a present is not original enough, if so - then welcome to the category of teddy bears - they are definitely capable of surprising even a skeptic! And if your goal is to buy soft toys inexpensively and with delivery, you are welcome. The catalog is constantly replenished (we remember the trends), and the top “animals” live in our warehouse in sufficient quantities, so even if you want to please the whole “football team”, we are ready to help!

We carefully monitor the quality of soft toys, which we offer you home delivery. All of them are completely safe and certified in Ukraine (our team has the same kids at home). Odorless, with strong seams and securely attached parts that will not come off even with the efforts of a child puffing and interested in the process!

Of course, flowers - say, a bouquet of roses or delicate lilies - may well be considered a self-sufficient present. What if you need to please your mom and her baby? Or do you want to recreate some special emotions in the present? In this case, one cannot do without the addition, the very "+1", and when making a decision, remember that soft toys with free shipping will not only solve the problem, but also save you budget, time and effort.

How to order a soft toy with delivery to ViaFlor: no secrets or subtleties, everything is clear

1. Step 1. Choose "fluffy" to your liking in the catalog. For convenience, we have photographed each of them next to an attractive (agree!) Model so that you can estimate their size in real format.

2. Step 2. Add the product to the basket, write to us about your choice in the messenger, or just call and say that you want to order a soft toy with delivery in Kharkov. "Zhdun", "Bunny", "Pug" or "Chloe" will go to a new home with great pleasure!

3. Step 3. Wait. But not the operator's answer, but a warm and simply radiating good surprise, which is already ready to accompany you at the stage of pronouncing those important words that have been sitting in your head for a week (or more). About love, about respect, about how good you are - they will support you!

4. Step 4. Pay for your purchase in any way convenient for you - you can do this both upon receipt and before sending the goods. All existing calculation formats are available!

Ready for mini feats? To conquer, surprise and just be remembered? Do it with us! Delivery of soft toys and flowers in Kharkov is carried out by the team of the ViaFlor online store around the clock - even at 4 am and 17 minutes, our courier will stand at your door!


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