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Flower baskets delivered: ViaFlor knows how to delight!

As one of the greats said - "To be able to surprise is an art." In this case, each of the customers of the online flower delivery store in Kharkov ViaFlor is a real creator! After all, making a choice in favor of that particular flower basket, which will take its secluded place in the corner of memory, is the destiny of talented people. For our part, we cannot but praise and not note the basis of all this splendor, the fantasy of florists - just look, what a miracle they have created for you!

A real gallery: choose which flowers you want to order in a basket with delivery

Before you are the fruits of many days, painstaking and creative work of Via Florists. At the time of this writing, 75 options were presented, now (we are sure) there are many more! What prompted the designers to create these baskets? Your ideas, tendencies of the floristic world, various emotions and, of course, nature itself.

You can imagine that each basket of flowers made to order with delivery is a canvas on which feelings are painted with “colors”. Take a closer look, here is love, here is gratitude, and over there is respect.

You can also imagine that a custom-made flower basket is a specific dessert, the composition of the ingredients of which you have to choose. So how do you look at a peony rose base flavored with chrysanthemums or lilies? A little greens as a spice, the correct routine of all the ingredients, and you're done!

It is interesting! Did you know that you can buy baskets of fresh flowers, in the composition of which a drawing is recreated? It can be a geometric figure, a “heart” and any other more or less simple combinations that will greatly enhance the emotional message for the person being gifted!

If you are still in doubt: 5 reasons for which ordering a basket of flowers with delivery will be a real salvation

1. You do not have a personal car. Actually, this fact is enough - it is inconvenient to deliver such a massive present by metro or minibus, by taxi it is expensive, and by foot it takes a long time.

2. You remembered an important date (not on time / too late). A basket of flowers with delivery will save the day! Just call - the courier is already ready to rush towards your house!

3. The ideas for the main gift are over. It happens. It doesn’t matter - just write to us about the reason / idea, and we will help you find our way. A win-win option!

4. The occasion appeared unexpectedly. Perhaps you were guilty, maybe you just wanted to please a loved one, or maybe today is the same environment and those 19:17 when you decided to decorate your house with a fragrant and bright armful.

5. You want to amaze. You want, but we can!

The friendly ViaFlor team is sure that we managed to convince you of the need to buy flowers in a basket with delivery in Kharkov. Ready and have you made your choice? We are waiting for messages in instant messengers or a call! You want something, but it is impossible to choose? Tell us about the reason - we will choose the best song especially for you!


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