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According to the ancient legend, the wonderful iris flower got its name in honor of the goddess Iris. She hovered above the ground on transparent, weightless wings that shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. People were so delighted with the beauty of the goddess that they named the flower in her honor. And irises are called rainbow because the goddess came down to people with good news along the rainbow. Irises are said to be such a flower that can be given to both women and men to express their gratitude and special respect.

If you have not yet decided where to buy irises, go to our page and the flower craftsmen will help you choose a composition worthy of decorating the most exquisite holiday. Irises are graceful and aristocratic. Their aroma is gentle and light, like a breath of the breeze. Via Irf will offer you smart chocolates to buy online store in order to win the heart of a person you love and conquer it with your memorable gift. When choosing a bouquet, you should focus on the preferences of the chosen one, and the reason for which he is presented.

Buy irises in the online store

In modern floristry, irises are presented in a wide color palette. White, purple, pink, yellow, blue, blue, purple, red. Many amazing shades, smoothly transition from one color to another. No one can remain indifferent at the sight of these expressive, graceful flowers. Their inflorescences do not live long, but new buds gradually open up. There is an exciting and unique composition for every event. You can order and buy Kharkov irises inexpensively, and the memory of a spectacular, expressive gift will remain forever.

Irises are said to be such a flower that can be given to both women and men to express their gratitude and special respect. In the language of flowers, iris stands for wisdom and fearlessness. Effectively composed bouquet will be an excellent wish in achieving your goals. With such congratulations, you can turn to a friend or work colleague.

Bouquets of irises

In the abundance of bouquets collected from us, you will find irises both in the form of a separate bouquet, and in combination with other beautiful, bright and fresh flowers. They combine perfectly with lilies, chrysanthemums and roses, and in the hands of a skilled florist such a collage will become an exquisite gift for everyone you plan to surprise! Women's bouquets can be supplemented with bright, contrasting colors that will deprive the irises of monotony and make them special and unsurpassed.

Viaflor company is pleased to offer you Kharkov irises in the form of beautiful and rich bouquets. It is noteworthy that offering irises to buy the online store of our flower salon also guarantees their free delivery throughout the city.

A beautiful bouquet works wonders. He can convey without words the most vivid and intense emotions. Handing flowers to your beloved - just look into her eyes. The flowers will do the rest for you.


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