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Dutch roses
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Buy a bouquet of Dutch roses in Kharkov with delivery

Do you love roses as we love them? Since ancient times, this flower was considered a symbol of love and beauty and tenderness, a flower that made many women happier. Roses are sung by poets; delightful, romantic legends are composed of them. With the help of these magnificent flowers, the hearts of the most inaccessible beauties were won. The importance of a rose in our life can hardly be overestimated. No festive holiday is complete without the queen of flowers. Also today, rose oil is successfully used in cosmetology, and jam from rose petals is an unusually tasty and healthy treat.

The rose flower has a huge number of varieties, each of which is beautiful in its own way. Breeders around the world are working on breeding new, more and more amazingly beautiful varieties.

Especially popular are Dutch roses - a whole group of roses that got their name from the country in which they were grown. These are elite varieties of roses, surprising with their unusual colors, large sizes of the flowers themselves and incredible beauty.

Dutch roses buy

For true flower lovers, these flawless bouquets are recognized as favorites. They are distinguished from the rest by special elegance, charm and grace. To buy Dutch roses means to give your beloved the best, unforgettable, exclusive. A bouquet of Dutch roses is a kind of sign of quality and perfection, the presence of a good, harmonious taste.

Among other things, a bouquet of Dutch roses is able to please its owner with an impeccable look for a long time after the cut. Therefore, such a gift will for a long time remind you and your attention.

The company "Viaflor" offers Dutch roses to buy now by placing an order in our online store. You can order any number of these wonderful flowers, and our florists will beautifully arrange them in the form of a bouquet, highlight the elegance, sophistication and splendor. And the delivery service will bring the ordered bouquet to anywhere in the city and at a convenient time for you absolutely free of charge!

Rose is a magnificent flower with a huge variety of shades, however, like love itself.


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