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Buy an orchid in Kharkov with delivery

Orchid is an amazingly beautiful flowering plant! Its fragrance is simply dizzy. This is probably one of the most perfect creations created by nature. Buying an orchid in the Viaflor online store and presenting a magnificent, exquisite gift to your chosen one is an excellent decision.

Today florists around the world have more than 25,000 orchid species. And about how this flower arose, a huge number of legends have been circulating for a long time. In one of them, we can learn about its origin. In order to meet the Earth, the Sun extended a bridge to it from the rainbow. But it was destroyed by ferocious spirits, scattered into thousands of bright, multi-colored fragments, which, falling to the ground, turned into delightful flowers.

The first mentions of them appeared 3000 years ago. Information about these wonderful flowers came to us from ancient China. The ancient Chinese were the first to plant unusual flowers - orchids, which were a symbol of luxury. The Chinese language even has several characters that are dedicated to the orchid.

Orchids bloom mainly in winter. They are good because their flowering lasts several months, and in some species - up to six months. It is generally accepted that the orchid is a very moody flower. For this reason, not all breeders could learn how to grow it, and only very recently achieved success in this area. That is why today a large number of unpretentious orchid varieties are on sale, which are able to quickly adapt to the room climate, delighting their owners with unsurpassed beauty and grace.

Orchid delivery

In our catalog you can buy an orchid, the price and quality of which will delight you, and the exquisite, incomparable beauty will become an adornment of any holiday. Bouquets of cut orchids are most often intended for special occasions. Vases for them are chosen simple, dim, best of all made of transparent glass. Wedding bouquets are usually made of white or pastel colors, emphasizing the tenderness and youth of the newlywed.

Flowers of brownish and greenish shades are most suitable for small bouquets that are presented to men. Buy orchids with delivery - this means saving valuable time, making a surprise for your loved one and bringing an atmosphere of happiness, love and mutual understanding into the house. A bouquet of orchids whose price is acceptable is worth it.

And orchids are considered a very iconic flower. So, followers of the Feng Shui teachings believe that red and purple orchids are able to motivate to work more efficiently, and also save the fair sex from bad habits. Yellow flowers will bring material wealth, and white and pink flowers will help you find inner harmony. That is why, having decided to buy an orchid in Kharkov, you can first find out what value is inherent in each color of this wonderful flower. Due to the fact that there are a huge variety of species of this flower, it is easy to get confused in their abundance. You can choose an orchid of almost any color.

Breeders themselves say that there are as many orchid flowers as there are species of this wonderful flower in the world. Everyone can buy an orchid with delivery in the Viaflor online store right now. We are pleased to offer you several dozen varieties of this wonderful flower, among which you are sure to choose the one suitable for the future owner.

You can supplement your present with something romantic - beautiful poems, or a small postcard will only emphasize the irresistible beauty and exciting aroma of flowers, and prompt delivery of orchids in Kharkov is completely free of charge by our courier service within the entire city!


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