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Bush roses
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Bouquet of spray roses

Shrub roses are a great gift for any occasion. If you want to please your beloved woman, then a bouquet of flowers will come in handy. You can order bright roses carefully grown in the best conditions in our store. The assortment contains the most different variations of bouquets, combined by quality and attention with which we make your future gift. Fragrant, fresh plants are neatly collected in picturesque bouquets, the recipient of the gift will enjoy your attention for a long time, multiplied by the beauty of flowers.

The benefits of bush rose bouquets

The stems can be tied with a satin ribbon, which perfectly complements the shade of the buds, or wrapped in special gift materials. This decision will also add a bouquet of structure and noble delicacy. You can verify the correctness of our words about the freshness and beauty of flowers by examining the "Reviews" section on the site.

A holistic composition of roses will allow you to accurately convey your feelings through a gift, because a bouquet of flowers is an ageless classic that characterizes you as a real romantic and esthete. The desired effect will be complemented by giving a soft toy or balloons to a person together with beautiful roses. These elements of celebration are also presented in our range.

We give joy at an absolutely affordable price, anyone can buy a bouquet, all convenient payment methods are accepted for payment. Do not rush to the choice, the assortment allows you to think and consider several solutions that will certainly appeal to the addressee of the bouquet. Our catalog of spray roses presents excellent floral bouquets, each of them is unique and not like the rest. So experiment and choose the best bouquet. But, if the fantasy fails, and the excitement does not allow making the final choice - contact our managers who will advise the best solutions for a specific occasion. Then, when the final version of the bouquet is selected - add the item to the basket and select the delivery time in which you are. We take care of the rest, you just have to wait a little while the ordered bouquet arrives.

How is a bouquet of bush roses delivered?

Delivery in Kharkov is carried out as soon as possible, so that you will definitely have time for the celebration, even if you ordered flowers at night. Our couriers will quickly deliver the selected spray roses, you just have to check the address with the manager. We will call you back within 15 minutes after ordering, make inquiries regarding the wishes and specific settings of the client, and then go to the specified address. Note that the actual delivery time is calculated with an additional 20 minutes. We are always ready for productive cooperation and look forward to your orders. See you soon!


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