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Eustoma buy Kharkov with delivery

Among all kinds of flower varieties, flowers with the attractive, romantic name Eustoma or Lisianthus have recently begun to appear on sale. Translated from the Greek "Eu" - beautiful, "stoma" - mouth. To buy eustoma flowers in Kharkov, you are offered the Viaflor online store.

This flower is gradually winning our hearts. In different countries it is called differently: texas bell, rose of love, irish, french, japanese rose. In Mexico, where these wonderful flowers are grown, they are considered a symbol of spring and awakening. Therefore, it is symbolic right now to buy eustoma flowers in order to present to your beloved for some reason or without it.

The sophistication and tenderness of this flower makes it popular also in the preparation of wedding bouquets. Eustoma petals, as if woven from satin silk, will emphasize the youth, purity and innocence of the newlywed. You can choose a bouquet of eustomas to buy with delivery, a holiday decorated with exquisite, magnificent flowers will leave an indelible impression.

Eustoma bouquet with delivery

Eustoma is an exotic flower that can give a special flavor to every floristic composition. The plant surprises with its unusual leaves, which seem to be covered with wax, and the colorful large flowers will impress every representative of the fair sex to whom you present it. The flowers themselves can reach an impressive 8 centimeters in diameter.

They are simple, with flowers similar to bells, and terry, similar in appearance to a rose or a peony. The color palette strikes the eye with its variety, grace and tenderness of tones. Two-tone buds with a contrasting hem along the edge of the petal look sophisticated and graceful. Cutting eustoma does not lose its freshness for a long time, it looks great up to two weeks, which makes it in demand when creating flower arrangements and decorating special events.

According to astrologers, eustoma is especially suitable for people born under the sign of Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

If you liked eustoma to buy Kharkov this wonderful flower with free shipping, we are glad to offer you right now, choosing a suitable bouquet without even leaving your home!


💐 Как ухаживать за букетом из эустом?

✔️ Вода для букета должна быть без хлора ✔️ Подрезайте кончики стебля раз в три дня на 1-3 см ✔️ Не ставьте букет возле систем отопления и на прямых солнечных лучах ✔️ В воду можно добавлять специальное средство для срезанных цветов ( наличие уточняйте у наших менеджеров)

❤️ Какой букет из эустом подарить любимой?

Яркие и насыщенные цвета эустом не оставят равнодушным никого, поэтому Ваш выбор будет правильным в любом случае — перейти в каталог

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