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Alstroemeria Kharkov - free shipping

It would seem - you look at a bouquet of roses or admire the harmony and perfection of a bouquet of lilies, and you understand how standard the creation of nature can be. But, believe me, you have not seen everything, and that same Queen Flora is still able to surprise, delight and encourage you to buy a unique plant - charming and unusual alstroemeria.

Exotic in your hands: how Ukrainians fell in love with a flower from South America

Lilac, pinkish with snow-white veins, difficult sunset clouds, deep red or pale lemon - a large bouquet of alstroemeria or its compact analog “knocks down” with its aesthetics. These are recent competitors to the representatives of the floristic world familiar to us, who managed to win fans with the splendor and unique shape of the bud. And as wedding bouquets, and for a birthday or anniversary, to the boss and just a good friend as a sign of attention and, of course, for no reason - appropriate, stylish and always original!

To order a bouquet of alstromeries in Kharkov

• It's spectacular. Each stem is saturated with several buds, randomly and beautifully spaced relative to each other. Even if you want to order cheap alstroemeria in Kharkov by choosing several branches, in general the bouquet will look magnificent and festive. In addition, you can buy a bouquet of alstroemeria for both a man and a woman or a child - this plant is considered neutral.

• Diverse. The palette of shades of this flower is so ambiguous that even on one branch you will not find two identical buds. This interesting quality of an exotic plant will allow you to create bouquets of extraordinary beauty, enhancing or compensating for one or another shade. The flower perfectly "plays" in symbiosis with other plants and greenery, so making a unique floristic picture is not just possible, but necessary (why not use these advantages for your own purposes?).

• Tenderness - rolls over. Do you agree that each plant carries a certain emotion? For example, chrysanthemums are flowers that symbolize autumn, the velvet season, iris is a manifestation of care and participation, but a bouquet of alstroemeria, according to the unanimous decision of the ViaFlor team, is sensuality and affection towards a person who is lucky to become the owner of a fragrant armful.

• A very long time. After the delivery of a bouquet of alstroemeria in Kharkov by our express courier is done, cut flowers will delight you from two weeks to one month. Plants are incredibly resistant and are rightfully considered to be long-livers in the flora world.

We are for alternatives! Didn't find a suitable composition? Then we invite you to the section flower baskets or mix bouquets. Our company's florists are an experienced team that can customize ready-made offers specifically for your purposes. Now, you look at the bouquet, and you understand - something is missing. Want more greenery or less volume. Great, we are ready to modify any of the bouquet presented in the catalog of the online store of flowers viaflor according to your idea. Call, write, tell us - we will do everything in the best possible way and deliver the beauty exactly at the appointed time!


Where to buy a bouquet of alstroemeria in Kharkov?

In the online store of fresh flowers - Viaflor ❀ You can buy alstroemeria of any color and quantity, as well as a large assortment of alstroemeria bouquets in the catalog. Order online with delivery to the address. Free delivery, photo report and postcard as a gift.

How to care for an alstroemeria bouquet?

1. The water for the bouquet should be chlorine-free 2. Trim the ends of the stem every three days by 1-3 cm 3. Do not place the bouquet near heating systems and in direct sunlight. 4. A special tool for cut flowers can be added to the water (check availability with our managers).


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