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Bouquets of 101 roses with delivery in Kharkov

How many associations are you able to bring out a bouquet of 101 roses? It is big, weighty, incredibly beautiful, more expensive than usual compositions, solemn. And also - this is a great opportunity to express your feelings. Brighter, more meaningful, more precisely - impossible!

Will they be enough to surprise your beloved? Over and above! After all, this is exactly the format that absolutely any girl dreams of - no matter how high-sounding it may sound, no matter how long and with pleasure they discuss this topic on social networks, just check

What is needed for this? It is elementary to choose a composition worthy of admiration, order a bouquet of 101 red roses, receive and delight. All that is required of you is decisiveness, and the VIAFLOR team will be happy to take care of the price, quality and speed of delivery!

Buy 101 roses inexpensively in Kharkov

A million, no less - that is how many (we are sure!) You would like to present fragrant buds on long stems to your beloved. But it is always worth starting small and more affordable, especially since the price of 101 roses in Kharkov in the catalog of the VIAFLOR online store is feasible and affordable for the budget of any thematic day or night.

This is interesting: the gift is not without a bouquet of flowers from 101 roses and subtle sub-meanings. And here we are not talking about the number of plants, but about their color. The power of passion is bright scarlet, tenderness and sensuality are pink, the warmth of emotions is white, and multi-colored compositions can reflect the whole gamut. Do you want to buy 101 roses and not delve into subtexts? Then trust your visual sensation or the professional taste of VIAFLOR floral designers!

Large bouquets of 101 roses from VIAFLOR!

1. Ready-made solutions. And each of them you can relate to your emotions. There, those in a pink and white palette with scarlet splashes - feminine and sensual, these, peach, original, and purple, probably, will perfectly suit her new lipstick.

2. The choice of decor and additions. If it seems to you that a bouquet of 101 roses with delivery does not reach the required level in emotional strength, see how much you can buy for him in the “company”! These are soft teddy bears, and sets of sweets, and balloons. Doubt - we will prompt!

3. Straight from the greenhouse. Only fresh and high-quality plants are put on the table of our florist. Even with a detailed examination, you will not find a withered petal or a broken bud, we are for attention to details and unconditional quality!

4. Affordable. Direct deliveries, own capacities, lack of middle links and feasible tasks - all these elements of the online flower delivery store VIAFLOR allow us to “keep in check” prices. Without sacrificing quality and richness of choice!

Buy 101 roses inexpensively while saving on a bottle of tart chardonnay? Order and receive a bouquet with delivery without overpaying a penny? Whatever your question, the answer to each of them is “yes”! Because we know what it is like to love beautifully.



Where to buy a bouquet of 101 roses in Kharkov?

In the online store of fresh flowers - Viaflor You can buy 101 roses of any color and quantity, as well as a large assortment of bouquets of roses. Order online with delivery to the address. Delivery of your order is free across Kharkov.

How to care for a bouquet of 101 roses?

1. The water for the bouquet should be chlorine-free 2. Trim the ends of the stem every three days by 1-3 cm 3. Do not place the bouquet near heating systems and in direct sunlight. 4. A special tool for cut flowers can be added to the water (check availability with our managers).


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