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Bouquet exchange guarantee
Only an honest purchase! We guarantee replacement of a bouquet or flower arrangement if it does not fit you or wilted within 24 hours from the date of purchase.

Flower delivery online store in Kharkov VIAFLOR: get acquainted - professionals in love with their job

"Flowers, like people, are generous for good and, giving tenderness to people, they bloom, warming their hearts like small, warm fires." Jane Kirimise

Park alleys and a celebration hall, famous restaurants with a dance floor throbbing until the morning and cozy apartments on the outskirts of the city, where floor lamps light up in the evenings, there is not a single location where the VIAFLOR courier could not deliver a bouquet to order. We know that the framework - in choice and opportunity - can only spoil the mood, and not discipline. And this applies to absolutely all the minutes of our lives, especially those when doing the job is pleasant - it overwhelms.

That is why we tried to maximize the powers of our clients, and this is what came of it:

1. We accept orders at any time of the day or night

2. We spoil you with an assortment of familiar, traditional and exotic flowers

3. We give the opportunity to pay for your order using any of the existing methods

4. We often offer to buy a bouquet of flowers on the Internet at a discounted promotional price

5. We listen to wishes and never impose our ideas

“Flowers are not able to solve all your problems, but they are a good start on this path.”

This is an axiom that the VIAFLOR team preferred to supplement with proposals that are no less popular and that are most suitable for special cases. Here you can buy soft toys with delivery in Kharkov, please your loved ones and loved ones with handmade sweets, surprise with a bunch of balloons or check the “done” checkbox at this important moment, presenting an unusual and memorable toy from fresh flowers. We spend every day taking care of your emotions, persistently reminding that flowers are not just a sign of attention, but joy - not necessarily on an important occasion!

From "A" to "Z": we reveal secrets, or what happens before you have the opportunity to order 

Flowers with delivery in Kharkov

Step # 1. Growing your bouquet.

This is done by specialized profile factories in Ukraine, whose products are delivered daily, as well as leading Dutch companies supplying fragrant and colorful parties for VIAFLOR once a week. Seasonal flowers, from early spring to late autumn, we grow independently - in the local nurseries of the company. This multi-component approach allows not only to guarantee freshness, but also to offer our customers the best prices for bouquets to order in Ukraine.

Step # 2. Flowers delivery to Kharkov.

Gentle, punctual and balanced. The links - flowers - for future compositions come to VIAFLOR in special refrigeration equipment that maintains the microclimate that is optimal for each type of plant. We do not neglect any of the stages, because we know that on this important day, hour, minute, when your gift will touch to the core, all components must be ideal!

Step # 3. Storage under special conditions.

Creating the most comfortable conditions (just like that) for the flowers is the main task that we can cope with using the warehouse equipped with refrigerators. The right level of humidity, light and temperature ensures that your plants are fresh long after they are in your hands.

Step # 4. Acceptance of your order of a bouquet of flowers with delivery.

Here our clients are almost “untied”, because along with ready-made compositions, we are always ready to customize each of them. In addition, single plants are represented in each category, choosing several of them and using the advice of florists will give you a unique bouquet with home delivery. The finished result is a kind of collaboration - your ideas and our skills.

Step # 5. Drawing up an estimate of the bouquet and route.

Individual settlement is another "bonus" that you will have to use with pleasure by clicking "buy a bouquet of flowers with delivery" on our website. Only after approval of the final cost and specification of the address or place of delivery, the "travel ticket" of your order follows.

Step # 6. Transfer of the application to the florist.

The specialist receives at the disposal of all the information that you have indicated to the manager. It can be voice notes, a photo of a bouquet you like, which I would like to repeat, and any other ideological theses that will help a specialist to cope with a task not 100, but 101%! The florist in this scenario is like a “gray cardinal” who does everything possible for the client.

Step # 7. Creation of a bouquet to order in Kharkov.

To do this, our florist needs five basic things that he uses with pleasure in the process of work: skills (staff only professionals), inspiration (draw from your emotions), creativity (a find for original solutions), hands and eyes. Everything is simple, clear and perfect - for you.

Step # 8. Transfer to the courier.

We do not use the services of third-party logistics services and freelancers - VIAFLOR employs responsible and punctual couriers who are financially responsible for their work. A close-knit team that works for results is the "titanium" of our daily work.

Step # 9. Free flower delivery in Kharkov

That's right - regardless of the weather, season, economic situation and courier's mood, he will deliver your purchase completely free of charge within the city limits until 21.00! A democratic and quite acceptable cost of home delivery of flowers in Kharkov is valid outside the designated time and territorial limits - from 100 UAH.

Step # 10. Photo report and delivery notification.

We understand your concern, and therefore we confirm the punctuality of the logistics service and the responsibility of florists clearly. Immediately after the flower delivery in Kharkov is carried out, you will receive a notification to your contact phone number, and a photo report to the messenger or email address.

Behind a fairly understandable and familiar bouquet of fresh flowers that you want to order hides non-stop and responsible work, each of the stages of which is a guarantee that today you will be rewarded with a sincere smile.

Even more opportunities: how to independently pick up a bouquet of flowers to order in Kharkov

If for any reason you do not want to use the delivery service, please note - for such cases we have organized the possibility of self-delivery. The point of issue is located in the center of Kharkov, at the address: Suzdal Ryady, 9. The algorithm for obtaining is elementary - first you should order a bouquet of flowers on the site, choosing the composition you like in the catalog, then, after the message of readiness, get it from the manager yourself.

"Flowers have their own language, even though they are silent, they are ways to say a lot."

Attractive conditions for those who prefer large-scale solutions

If your reason to buy a bouquet of flowers with delivery is more than significant, and the composition requires a non-standard, and impressive size, feel free to remind the manager about the discount. Cost calculations for bouquets with a quantity of flowers from 100 pieces are carried out in an individual format and at a wholesale price. Save on costs, not emotions!

Please note: to buy flowers to order in Kharkov, you can geographically be located anywhere in the world! We have implemented and implemented seven options for paying for your order, including international transfer systems. You can maintain communication and find out about the status of your acquisition in instant messengers, social networks or by email. To be closer to family and loved ones is easy with VIAFLOR.

Do you want to become a partner of the online flower shop in Kharkov VIAFLOR. We will gladly study your offer! Send your letters to e-mail or to the address: Yakutsk, 58.

Customer Reviews

Егор17 октября 2020, 23:14
Спасибо за шикарные розы, все как и обещали, объемно и ярко! Спасибо!
Марк17 октября 2020, 20:50
Этот букет просто находка для меня, такого я нигде не видел. Супер, это не стандартное решение для 101 розы
Павел17 октября 2020, 20:46
Очень красивый букет
Инна16 октября 2020, 15:25
Отличный букет. Спасибо будем обращаться к вам.
Алексей14 октября 2020, 03:31
Ночная доставка к 00.00 за 2,5 часа сформирована и доставлена, по-моему лучший сервис и реально круглосуточный. Рекомендую
Саид14 октября 2020, 01:20
Благодарю за супер качественный сервис и шикарный букет. Менеджеру большое спасибо в выборе, букет восхитителен , любимая в восторге!
Юлия12 октября 2020, 20:07
Хочу поблагодарить ViaFlor за доставку букета! Заказ приняли быстро, доставка вовремя! Впечатлений море! Спасибо Вам огромное! Успехов в Вашей прекрасной работе!
Антон11 октября 2020, 05:09
Заказал доставку к 12 ночи, минута в минуту курьер был на месте. Крутость букета зашкаливает, он огромен...
Алекс09 октября 2020, 01:36
Букетом угодили маме))) Все как и хотелось, максимальный эффект вау, молодцы и спасибо за быстрый, четкий и качественный сервис!



❤️ Где заказать цветы с доставкой в Харькове?

Для заказа доставки цветов круглосуточно, выберите один из удобных для Вас вариантов: сделать заказ по тел. +38 (067) 67-86-123 ✿ или любым удобным месседжером по тел. +38 (093) 02-96-958 ✿ Также можно сделать заказ через каталог

🍀 Как производится доставка букета?

После оформления и оплаты заказа, флористы формируют букет за 2 часа до доставки, для сохранения максимальной свежести композиции. После доставки цветов курьером, мы высылаем оповещение и фото отчет (по желанию клиента)

💎 Какая есть гарантия на букет?

Мы гарантируем замену букета если он Вам не понравился или завял в течении 24 часов с момента покупки

💰 Могу ли я доверять вашей компании?

Многолетний опыт и отзывы клиентов позволяют нам с уверенностью говорить об полной открытости нашей компании и наших сотрудников. Мы ежедневно улучшаем наш сервис, отталкиваясь от пожеланий и потребностей клиентов. Познакомьтесь с нашей командой ближе.


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